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1034 . BOX, COX ROBERTS & BUTLER (Words & Music) THE PRETTY LITTLE PATCHWORK QUILT. World Wide (1938) pp3 Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1031 AGER, Milton, McCARTHY,Joe & SCHWARTZ, Jean THERE'S RAIN IN MY EYES. Cinephonic (1938) Popular Music//1930's £2.00
1033 BEAN, Keene and MASTERS, Frankie SCATTER-BRAIN. Words Johnny Burke. F.D.& Hunter (1939) pictorial cover Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1595 BENATZKY, Ralph and STOLZ, Robert WHITE HORSE INN by Ralph Benatzky and Robert Stolz. Piano Selection arr. Guy Jones. Chappell (1931) pp11 Popular Music//1930's £6.00
1075 BRADBURY, Stan, NOEL, Art, PELOSI, Don SARAH, SARAH Bradbury Wood (1940) Photo of Renee Houston Popular Music//1930's £2.00
2064 BRAHE, May H LIFE'S BALCONY. Words by Helen Taylor. Boosey (1934) pp4 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1035 BRAHE, May H BLESS THIS HOUSE. (a) No.2 in C (b) No.3 in E- flat. Boosey (c)1927 (1932). Boosey pp5 Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1036 BURKE, Joe (Words by Edgar Leslie) IF IT RAINS - WHO CARES?. Sun Music (1938) Popular Music//1930's £2.00
2059 CARNE, Gerald GO TO THE HILLS Song No.1 in A-flat. Words by Edward Lockton. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1938) pp6 Popular Music//1930's £4.00
977 CAVALCADE by Noel Coward. Selection of Incidental Music (Piano Solo). Arranged by Guy Jones. Presented at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane by Charles B. Cochran. Chappell (1931) Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1037 CHAPLIN, Saul SHOE SHINE BOY. Words Sammy Cahn. Wright (1936) (photo of Henry Hall) edges frayed Popular Music//1930's £1.00
2689 COTTRELL, Jack CHINESE LAUNDRY BLUES Song Fox Trot. Sung by George Formby (photo. with ukulele on cover). Feldman (1932) pp3 Popular Music//1930's £8.00
1183 COWARD, Noel I'LL FOLLOW MY SECRET HEART from CONVERSATION PIECE. Words and Music by Noel Coward. Chappell (1934) pp7 (cover grubby) Popular Music//1930's £4.00
2988 DAVIES, Harry Parr THE SWEETEST SONG IN THE WORLD. Sung by Gracie Fields (photograph) in the Film "WE'RE GOING TO BE RICH" A 20th Century Fox Production. Francis, Day & Hunter pp3 (1938), worn Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1930's £4.00
1040 ELLINGTON, Duke I LET A SONG GO OUT OF MY HEART. Words Irving Mills and Henry Nemo. Wright (1938) Popular Music//1930's £2.00
2697 ELLINGTON, Duke SOLITUDE . Words by Eddie de Lange and Irving Mills. Lafleur (1934) pp3 Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1041 ERIN'S OWN SONGS 20 Songs Selected & Arranged by Ernest Haywood. Prowse (1939) pp56 Popular Music//1930's £4.00
978 FOLLOW YOUR HEART: MAGNOLIAS IN THE MOONLIGHT Music Victor Schertzinger. Lyric Walt Bullock. Fox (1936) (photographic cover) Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1044 FRENCH, W.P. PHIL THE FLUTER'S BALL. Song (Voice and Piano). Key C. Keith, Prowse (1937) pp7 Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1045 FRIEND, Cliff & FRANKLIN, Dave (Words & Music). YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM DREAMING. Song Fox-Trot. Feldman (1937) photo of Gracie Fields Popular Music//1930's £3.00
983 GAY, Noel and BUTLER, Ralph RUN, RABBIT,-RUN! Words by Noel Gay & Ralph Butler. Gay (1939) pp3 Popular Music//1930's £5.00
2067 GOATLEY, Alma THE CHERRY TREE DOTH BLOOM. Words by Margaret Owen. Boosey (1933) pp4 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
979 GOLDWYN FOLLIES: Love Walked In Words Ira Gershwin, Music George Gershwin. Chappell (1938) photo. cover pp4 Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1620 HERBERT, Victor AH! SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE in B-flat (1910) Words by Rida Johnson Young. (The Dream Melody) For It Is Love Alone That Rules For Aye! Sung by Jeanette
MacDonald & Nelson Eddy in film NAUGHTY MARIETTA (1935). Feldman pp4
Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1046 HERBERT, Victor INDIAN SUMMER. Words Al Dubin. Chappell (1939) coloured cover Popular Music//1930's £2.00
1047 HOLZMANN, Abe BLAZE AWAY Vocal March. Song Version by Jimmy Kennedy. Feldman (c) 1901 (1931) (coloured cover) Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1038 IRWIN DASHS' No.2 SELECTION Latest Dance and Radio Hits. Arr. Reg. Howard. Dash (1935) Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1905 KENNEDY, Jimmy & CARR, Mich'l (WE'RE GONNA HANG OUT) THE WASHING ON THE SIEGFRIED LINE. Peter Maurice Music (1939). Golden Standard Series pp3 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
990 KERN, Jerome SWING TIME (1936 Radio Picture with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers). Words by Dorothy Fields. Chappell :

(a) A FINE ROMANCE pp3 cover sl. worn

Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1048 LENOIR, Jean SPEAK TO ME OF LOVE. Words by Bruce Sievier. Ascherberg (1931) pp7 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
982 LET'S BE FAMOUS THE MOON REMEMBERED, BUT YOU FORGOT. Written and Composed by Frank Eyton & Noel Gay. Gay (1939) featuring Betty Driver Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1049 LIGHT, Enoch/ Al Sherman & Al Hoffman I PAID FOR THE LIE THAT I TOLD YOU. Connelly (1939) grease spots inside on edge Popular Music//1930's £1.00
1050 LITTLE, Little Jack A LITTLE RAIN MUST FALL. Words Bud Green and Buddy Kaye. Connelly (1939) Popular Music//1930's £2.00
984 LOVE AFFAIR: WISHING (WILL MAKE IT SO) Words and Music by B.G. de Sylva. Wood (1939) photo of Irene Dunne Popular Music//1930's £2.00
985 LOVE, HONOUR and BEHAVE BEI MIR BIST DU SCHOEN (Means that you're grand). Music Sholom Secunda. Original lyrics Jacob Jacobs, English version Cahn-Chaplin. Chappell (1937) photo of Sydney Lipton Popular Music//1930's £2.00
1051 LYON, Del and McINTIRE, Lani THE ONE ROSE THAT'S LEFT IN MY HEART. Connelly (1936) cover torn Popular Music//1930's £1.00
1052 MANN, Paul & WEISS, Stephan (Music). THEY SAY. Words Edward Heyman. Feldman (1938) cover torn, worn Popular Music//1930's £1.00
1054 MERRY-GO-LAND Grand Selection of the Most Popular Song Successes. Arranged by R.S.Stoddon. Feldman (1937) Popular Music//1930's £2.00
1055 MURRAY, Alan GOD BLESS THE HILLS. No.1 in Bb. Words by Edward Lockton. Cramer (1936) Popular Music//1930's £2.00
1059 NESBITT, Max & Harry TEARS ON MY PILLOW. Norris (1939) Popular Music//1930's £1.00
1277 NOEL, Art & PELOSI, Don BROKEN-HEARTED CLOWN song. Featured and Recorded by Sonny Farrar (with b&w photo. on cover) Southern (1937) sl. Worn Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1589 NOVELLO, Ivor GLAMOROUS NIGHT Piano Selection arr. Frank Denham. Chappell (1935) pp11 Popular Music//1930's £6.00
1246 Novello, Ivor PERCHANCE TO DREAM Piano Selection. Chappell (1945) pp11 Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1061 PARKER, Ross and CHARLES, Hughie (Words & Music). THERE'LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND. Dash (1939) (sailors on cover) folded vertically Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1060 PARKER, Ross and CHARLES, Hughie (Words & Music). I WON'T TELL A SOUL. Dash (1938) Popular Music//1930's £2.00
2686 PARR-DAVIES, Harry and PARK, Phil WISH ME LUCK (AS YOU WAVE ME GOODBYE) Sung by Gracie Fields in 20th Century Fox Film "Shipyard Sally". Chappell (1939) pp4 Popular Music//1930's £10.00
1062 PAYNE, Jack ALL YOUR RADIO FAVOURITES POPULAR MUSIC AND DANCING WEEKLY. 6 Complete Song & Dance Hits. Number 2, Volume 1. Amalgamated Press Oct. 20th, 1934 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1936 PORTER, Cole ROSALIE Piano Solo Selection (arr. George L. Zalva). Chappell (1932) pp11 (lightly foxed) Popular Music//1930's £6.00
1063 QUADLING, Lew; HOWARD, Eddy & JURGENS, Dick. CARELESS. Wood (1939 Popular Music//1930's £2.00
986 RADIO MELODIES: 10 City Medleys 10 City Medleys (illustrative period cover). Warren & Phillips (1934) pp23 (RARE) Popular Music//1930's £15.00
2017 RAYMOND, Fredy I LOST MY HEART IN HEIDELBERG Song Fox-Trot. English lyric by Harry S. Pepper. Original lyric by Beda & Ernst Neubach. Featured by the BBC Dance Orchestra directed by Henry Hall. Feldman (1925/1932) pp3 Popular Music//1930's £4.00
2020 ROBIN, Leo; RAINGER, Ralph; TIMBERG, Sammy etc. GULLIVER'S TRAVELS Piano Selection (arr. Geo. L. Zalva). A Paramount Picture. Victoria Music (1939) pp11 Popular Music//1930's £6.00
1066 ROIG, Gonzalo (Lyrics by Jack Sherr). YOURS. Sung by Vera Lynn. Marks (1937) pp3 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1064 ROMBERG, Sigmund (Words by Gus Kahn) FAREWELL TO DREAMS Sung by Jeanette Macdonald and Nelson Eddy (with photo) Francis, Day & Hunter (1937) Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1065 ROTTER, Fritz GAY VIENNA Song Fox-Trot. Original Lyric by Fritz Rotter. English Lyric by Jimmy Kennedy. Dix Ltd. (1933) Coloured cover Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1067 SCOTTO, Vincent (Words by Jack Popplewell) ONLY YOU Macmelodies (1935) Photo of Vere Lynn Popular Music//1930's £2.00
987 SHEPHARDS PIE: GOOD-BYE SALLY Music Arthur Riscoe and John Borelli. Words A.Riscoe. F.D. & Hunter (1939) photo of Arthur Riscoe Popular Music//1930's £1.00
1068 SIMON, Nat and STILLMAN, Al SHABBY OLD CABBY. Maurice (1939) top inside stained. Photo of Billy Cotton Popular Music//1930's £2.00
988 SING YOU SINNERS: I'VE GOT A POCKETFUL OF DREAMS Music James V.Monaco. Lyric James V.Monaco. Connelly (1938) photo of Bing Crosby Popular Music//1930's £5.00

(a) PIANO SELECTION (1938). Music by Johann Strauss adapted by Dimitri Tiomkin; Selected and Arranged by Geo. L. Zalva. Chappell pp11 @ £5.00

(b) another copy pp15 (sellotape repair) @ £2.00

(c) SPRINGTIDE. Arr. Granville Bantock. Lyrics by Helen Bantock. P ...
Popular Music//1930's £2.00
1248 TAUBER, Richard Piano Solo : WALTZ MEDLEY from HEART'S DESIRE (film). From a story by Lioni Pickard. Songs specially written by Richard Tauber. Musical arrangement by G. H. Clutsam. Directed by Paul Stein. Keith Prowse (1936) pp5 Popular Music//1930's £6.00
980 THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT: KISS ME AGAIN Key G (from the Paramount Picture). Music by Victor Herbert. Words Henry Blossom. Feldman (c) 1915 (1930) photographic cover Popular Music//1930's £3.00
989 THE STAR MAKER: AN APPLE FOR THE TEACHER Music by James V. Monaco. Words by Johnny Burke. Connelly (1939) Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1069 TUNES FROM THE TALKIES No.5 Selection. Cinephonic (1936) Popular Music//1930's £5.00
2066 URSELL, Eddie THAT WONDERFUL MAN OF MINE. Song Fox-Trot. Words by V.Forde. Cavendish (1930) pp3 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1070 VINCENT, Larry (Words by Harry Pease) WHEN THE SUN SAYS `GOOD-NIGHT` TO THE MOUNTAIN With piano accordian solo. Sun Music (1936) soiled Popular Music//1930's £2.00
991 WALTZES FROM VIENNA Music by Johann Strauss. By Dr. A.M.Willner, Heinz Reichert and Ernst Marischka. English Book & Lyrics by Desmond Carter and Caswell Garth. Score arranged by E.W.Korngold, Julius Bittner, G.H.Clutsam and Herbert Griffiths. Produced by Hassard Short. PIANO SELECTION Chappell & Co. (1930) Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1912 WATSON, Albert OTAHEITE I AM COMING HOME TO YOU (Valse Song). Words by Edward Oxenford. Wharfedale Music Publishing, Ilkley (Yorks.) No.27. Cinema Series with 1st Violin and Cello (orch. F.Mayo) pp6 (c.1930's) Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1244 WEILL, Kurt SEPTEMBER SONG. Words by Maxwell Anderson. Chappell (1938) pp4 sl. Worn Popular Music//1930's £2.00
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69 records found.