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559 ALBUM of 25 items Coloured covers: Dance by Herman Finck (1910)/The Midnight Fire Alarm by Lincoln (1907)/A Trip to Niagara by Cornish (1908). Well-thumbed in black album with `MUSIC' embossed on front cover. With index Albums//Personal Bound £15.00
1472 ALBUMS A MAROON LEATHER-BOUND (worn) ALBUM OF 22 SONGS : Shepherd of Souls
(from The Sign of the Cross). Words by Wilson Barrett, Composed by Edward Jones. Metzler (1896) pp4; The Shrine of Gold No.2 in E-flat . Words
by Stanhope Gray. The Music by T.V.Davies. Davies (1894) pp7; The Christ Child. ...
Albums//Personal Bound £20.00
1478 ALBUMS An Album (spine worn) of 8 SONGS : I Hear You Calling Me No. 1 in G. Words by Harold Harford. Music by Charles Marshall. Boosey (1908) pp5; Sincerity (My Friend) No. 2 in E-flat. Words and Music by Emilie Clarke. Cramer (1903) pp4; The Charm of Spring No.1 in F. Words by Alfred H. Hyatt. Music by R ...
Albums//Personal Bound £10.00
1514 ALBUMS AN ALBUM OF 12 VOCAL DUETS AND TRIOS (c.1870's) : Dreaming of Angels. Duet arr. for Mezzo-Soprano & Contralto. Written and Composed by Charles Blamphin. Brewer pp7; Sunshine & Shadow. Duet. Words by J.E. Carpenter. Music by Stephen Glover. Brewer pp7; Let Us Gather Bright Flowers. Vocal Duet. Word ...
Albums//Personal Bound £30.00
203 BACH, J.S ITALIAN CONCERTO. Augener's Edition. Cover grubby Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
207 BACH, J.S. PARTITEN 1. Bb major/ 2. C minor. ED. Robert Teichmuller. Edition Peters No.4113 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
204 BACH, J.S. ITALIAN CONCERTO. Edition Peters Nr. 4110 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
205 BACH, J.S. ITALIAN CONCERTO/CHROMATIC FANTASIA etc. New Instructive Edition by Theodor Wiehmayer. Verlag (c) 1919 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
209 BACH, J.S. NOVELLO'S HOME MUSIC FOR THE PIANO. Senior Grade Book 4 (Advanced): Partita in Bb/ Air and Variations in A minor/ Prelude and Fugue in E flat/ Capriccio: The Departure. Novello (c) 1903 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
206 BACH, J.S. KLAVIERWERKE Englische Suiten Nr. 1-3 Ed. Ferruccio Busoni. Edition Breitkopf Nr. 4307 (c) 1916 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
208 BACH, J.S. PRELUDE/ BEETHOVEN, L. van ADAGIO IN A FLAT. New-Century Series. Vincent Educational. (c.July 1908). Covers loose Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
198 BACH, J.S. FIFTEEN 2-PART INVENTIONS. Edition Peters. (c) 1933. Cover grubby Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
199 BACH, J.S. FIFTEEN THREE-PART INVENTIONS Edited by Stewart Macpherson. Joseph Williams, Limited. Berners Edition No.96 (1916) Waterstain down spine Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1614 BEETHOVEN (a) 7 BAGATELLES Op.33 ed. Eric Kuhlstrom. Augener's Edition No. 8047 pp59 @ £5.00 another copy with grubby covers @ £3.00 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1764 BEETHOVEN PIANO SOLO 32 Piano Sonatas (3 volumes in slipcase). Urtext. Konemann Music Budapest Piano//Classical//Albums £40.00
2003 BEETHOVEN etc. MARCH ALBUM Book 7 SIX FUNERAL MARCHES : Handel, Holloway, Chopin, Tschaikowsky, Farmer and Beethoven. Williams pp20 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
211 BEETHOVEN, L. van SONATAS: Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics. Revised and Fingered by Bulow and Lebert. Book I: 17 SONATAS. (c) 1894 (1923) pp341 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
2578 BEETHOVEN, L. van FIVE LANDLER (Country Dances) arranged for Piano by Ernest Haywood. Williams (1935) pp9 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
210 BEETHOVEN, L. van SONATAS (ed. G.Buonamici) : Book 1. Nos.1-16 Augener's Edition No.7999A (c) 1903 spine damaged but otherwise VG Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
1826 BEETHOVEN, L. van STEPS TO THE MASTERS Book 2. Selected and Edited by Purcell J. Mansfield.Banks (York) (1962) pp24 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
212 BEETHOVEN,L. SONATAS for the Pianoforte. Volume Two. The Empire Edition. Pitman h/b large format VG Piano//Classical//Albums £12.00
213 BRAHMS, J. HUNGARIAN DANCES. Arranged as Pianoforte Solos by Charles Vincent. Winthrop Rogers (c) 1912 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
214 BRAHMS, J. 3 INTERMEZZI Op.117 (1892). British & Continental Music Agencies Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1447 CHABRIER, E PIECES PITTORESQUES. Ten Pieces for the Piano ed. Beveridge Webster. International Music Company (1962) pp63 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1734 CHOPIN PRELUDES Complete Piano Works. Revised by C.Klindworth and X. Scharwenka. Popular Edition pp633-674 green cloth Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1642 CHOPIN BALLADEN UND IMPROMPTUS (Ballads and Impromtus). (Herrmann Scholtz - Bronislaw v. Pozniak) Edition Peters Nr. 1905 (1948) pp82 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
1812 CHOPIN, F WALTZES Grande valse brillante Op.18; Valse brillante Op.34, No.1; Valse brillante Op.34, No.2; Valse brillante Op.34, No.3; Valse Op.42; Valse Op.64, No.1; Valse Op.64, No.2; Valse Op.64, No.3; Valse Op.69, No.1; Valse Op.69, No.2; Valse Op.70, No.1; Valse Op. posth. Blackburn Edition, Leeds pp60 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
216 CHOPIN, F. STUDIES Op.10/Op.25 + Trois Nouvelles Etudes. Augener's Complete Piano Works Ed. Nos. 6078 (a) & (b) red cloth pp531-632 Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1483 CHOPIN, F. 27 ETUDES Op. 10 - Op. 25 and 3 New Etudes. Edition Wood No. 410 pp115 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
272 CLASSIC WALTZES by Tchaikovsky, Delibes and Offenbach arranged by Victor Ambroise. Lawrence Wright (1946) Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
219 CLEMENTI 6 Sonatinas Op 36 Augener;s Edition No. 8091 cover loose Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
222 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR 2 MOORISH TONE-PICTURES.Op.19 (1897). Augener's Edition No.6101. Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
223 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR OTHELLO SUITE. Op. 79 (1912). Dance, Children's Intermezzo, Funeral March, The Willow Song, Military March. Metzler (1920) pp20 Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
2713 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S PIANO ALBUM : Eight Favourite Pieces : Impromptu No.1 & 2; Three Fours : Valse Suite. Op.71, No.6; Zarifa. Op.19, No.2; Scene de Ballet. Op.64, No.4; Idyll; Cameo, Op.56, No.2; Forest Scenes. Op.66, No.2. Augener (a) (1911 - this copy c.1929) pp39 (personal inscription 18th June, 1936) (green cloth ...
Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
221 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. THREE DREAM DANCES.Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew. Limited (1911) pp18 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
224 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. PETITE SUITE DE CONCERT : Le Caprice de Nannette, Demande et Reponse, Un Sonnet d'Amour, La Tarantelle Fretillante. Boosey (1916/37) Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
225 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. SCENES FROM AN IMAGINARY BALLET Boosey (c) 1911 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
226 CONS, AUGUSTE and GAMBRELL, SYDNEY GRACEFUL DANCES (a) 1st Set (1908) Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
228 CONS, AUGUSTE and GAMBRELL, SYDNEY GRACEFUL DANCES 4th Set by Cons (1922) Leonard, Gould & Bolttler Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
227 CONS, AUGUSTE and GAMBRELL, SYDNEY GRACEFUL DANCES 2nd Set (Newton, Cons, Fredericks)(1920) Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1487 CONTEMPORARY BRITISH PIANO MUSIC Pezzo Dramatico by Don Banks; Four Sonnets for Piano by P. Racine Fricker; Three Pieces for Piano by Iain Hamilton; Suite for Piano by Humphrey Searle. Schott (1956) pp28 Piano//Classical//Albums £15.00
229 DUSSEK SIX SONATINAS Op.20 Ashdown Collection No.122 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
230 DVORAK, A MEMORIES OF arr. Rapley. Chappell (1956) pp7 (covers detached) Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
265 FIRST STAR FOLIO of Pianoforte Music Containing 47 Celebrated Compositions including: ADIEUX by Beethoven;
ALICE by Ascher; CHANSON TRISTE by Tschaihowsky; CHANT SANS PAROLES by Tschaihowsky; DONAUWELLEN WALTZ by Ivanovici; ECHOE OF LUCERNE by Richards; GAIETE DE COEUR by Smith; GIPSY RONDO by Haydn; GRAND MARCH by Blake; HOME SWE ...
Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
1482 FREY, Martin (ed.) THE AGE OF CHIVALRY. Menuets - Gavottes - Sarabandes of the 18th Century. Composers : C.P.E. Bach*; W.F. Bach*; C.Graupner; J.P.Kirnberger*; J.L. Krebs*; G.P.Telemann; G. Grunewald. Lengnick/ Rahter, Germany © 1935 (coloured cover) pp27 (*first published works) Piano//Classical//Albums £15.00
1696 GOLDEN HOURS GOLDEN HOURS Arrangements of POPULAR CLASSICS FOR THE PIANOFORTE arr. by Arthur Kingsley. BOOK EIGHT. Keith Prowse © 1930 pp56 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1763 GRIEG GRIEG : PIANO SOLO COMPLETE EDITION (3 volumes in slipcase): Peer Gynt and other Arrangements of Own Works; Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances/ Sonata; Holberg-Suite and Piano Pieces; Song Arrangements; Moods/ Lyric Pieces. Urtext. Konemann Music Budapest. Piano//Classical//Albums £40.00
233 GRIEG, E. LYRIC PIECES. Edition Peters.Novello pp16 front cover detached, no back cover Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
235 HANDEL, G.F. Klaviersuite G-Moll. Ed. James Kwast. Verlag Ullstein (c) 1924 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
234 HANDEL, G.F. ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA from SOLOMON. Freely arranged for Pianoforte Solo by Eric Hope. Hinrichsen No.375 c.1945 pp11 Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
238 HAYDN Beringer's School of EASY CLASSICS. Augener (1913) pp33 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
239 HAYDN, J. SONATAS For the Piano. Book I (Nos. 1-10) Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Vol. 295 (c) 1894 Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
1448 HAYDN, J. STEPS TO THE MASTERS Book 4 Selected and Edited by Purcell J. Mansfield. Banks ed. 142 (1962) pp19 x 2 @ £4.00 each Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
3162 HAYDN, Joseph HAYDN Famous Tunes. Everybody's Music Library Vol.VIII. Piano Solo. Boosey & Hawkes (1955) pp20. Condition : VG Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
237 HAYDN-MOZART Selected Compositions. Haydn: Andante con Variazioni/ Fantasia/ Capriccio. Mozart: Fantasia I/II/III/ Rondo I/II/ Adagio/ Menuetto/ Gigue. New Instructive Edition by Theodor Wiehmayer. Verlag (c) 1913 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
2776 IRVIN, Christopher CHANSON D'ETE (Summer Song) Romance for Violoncello & Piano. Duration: approx. 5:30. Score pp8. Part pp3 © 2011 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
246 KUHLAU KUHLAU. 6 SONATINAS Op.55 Ashdown Collection No.95 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
247 KURCHNER, F. FEUILLETS D'ALBUM Op.1000 No.1 Augener's Edition No.6197 sellotape repair Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
1654 LISZT, F. PAGANINI - STUDIES. Book II Nos 4 & 6 (ed. E. Dannreuther, 1899). Augener's Edition No. 6223B pp40-63 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
3006 MACDOWELL, Edward SEA PIECES Op.55 Nos. 1-8. Green cloth with arts & crafts cover decoration. Elkin pp38 (1898), good condition Piano//Classical//Albums £25.00
1634 MENDELSSOHN EIGHT SELECTED SONGS WITHOUT WORDS ed. Wilson Manhire. The Grafton Edition No.12. Freeman (1928) pp20 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
2620 MENDELSSOHN LIEDER OHNE WORTE for the Pianoforte. Novello h/b pp102 (inscribed June 16 1896 (covers sl. worn, ow good copy) Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
3112 MENDELSSOHN, F. LIEDER OHNE WORTE for the PIANOFORTE. Novello pp102 red cloth with gilt lettering, a.e.g. Piano//Classical//Albums £20.00
1520 MENDELSSOHN, F. SONGS WITHOUT WORDS. Critically revised with reference to Notation, Fingering and marks of Expression by H. Germer. Bosworth Edition No.11 pp131 (paper wraps with b&w portrait of the composer on cover). Piano//Classical//Albums £9.00
1728 MORE CLASSICS TO MODERNS MORE CLASSICS TO MODERNS (SECOND SERIES). A selection of original piano music exactly as written by the master composers of three centuries. The music provides the pianist with a repertoire which is enjoyable for player and listener alike. Compiled and edited by Denes Agay. No. 3. Works by Handel, B ...
Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
251 MOSZKOWSKI, Moritz SPANISCHE TANZE Op.12 Edition Peters No.2126 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
253 MOZART Eine kleine Nachtmusik Serenade K.V. 525 (Arr. Otto Singer) Edition Peters No. 3078 DUET Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00

1. Song Queen of Angels M. Piccolomini

2. Waltz Ninon Felix Godin

3. Song As I Dream H. Trotere

4. Selection The Dollar Princess Leo Fall

5. Ballad Parting No More Tito Mattei

6. Song Like to the Damask Rose Sir E. Elgar

7. Selection The Geish ...
Albums//Personal Bound £20.00
258 RUSSIAN MUSIC Composers: Catoire, Scriabin, Gliere, Goedicke, Zolotarev, Barmotin, Barmotin, Arensky. Educational Series of Russian Music in six progressive books. Selected and edited by Anne T. Weston. With an introduction to the study of Russian Music by Rosa Newmarch. Book V. - Difficult Pieces. Chester Series No. 10 (1917) Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
2551 SANDERSON, Wilfrid UP FROM SOMERSET No.3 in D. Music by Wilfred Sanderson. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly. Boosey (c) 1913; UNTIL No.1 in D-flat. Music by Wilfred Sanderson. Words by Edward Teschemacher. Boosey (c) 1910; MY TREASURE No.2 in G. Music by by Joan Trevalsa. Words by Matthias Barr. Boosey (c)1903; THE GIFT ...
Albums//Personal Bound £30.00
259 SCARLATTI, Dominique 30 PIECES CHOISIES. Revised Edition by M.-J. Riss-Arbeau. Heugel 1924 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1636 SCHUBERT FIRST YEAR SCHUBERT : 18 Compositions ed. E. Markham Lee. Lengwick (1927/8) pp30 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
1449 SCHUBERT, F. SELECTED COMPOSITIONS OF MODERATE DIFFICULTY. Ashdown (1972) pp39 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
262 SCHUBERT, F. PIANO SONATAS: No.V in A min. Op.143. Revised, phrased and fingered by Franklin Taylor. Augener c.1912 pp22 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
New Instructive Edition by Theodor Wiehmayer. Verlag (c) 1913
Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
1621 SCHUMANN, Robert SCHUMANN ALBUM of CHILDREN'S PIECES for Piano. Withcolour illustrations by H. Willebeek Le Mair. Augener pp28 (n/d) Piano//Classical//Albums £20.00
263 SCHUMANN, Robert ALBUM FOR THE YOUNG Op.68. Album fur die Jugend. Edited and annotated by Howard Ferguson. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (1980) (See also Children's Music) Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
242 SELECTED FIRST INTERMEZZO ALBUM. Pieces by Ketelbey, Tobani (`Hearts and Flowers'), Berche, Tellier, Byford, Bath, Arnold, Huyts, Kussner, Romanoff, Leiss, Short, Elliott Bosworth & Co. Ltd. (c)1919 (1931). pp62 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
270 SELECTED THUMER'S SONATINA SCHOOL Book V Elementary Grade : Kuhlau, Diabelli, Dussek, Laubach, Esipoff, Pauer, Schumann, Loeschhorn. Augener's Edition No. 5975 (1914) sellotape repair Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
267 SELECTED STEP BY STEP TO THE CLASSICS Book 6: Chopin, Paradies etc. Banks (c) 1936 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
243 SELECTED SECOND INTERMEZZO ALBUM. Pieces by Ketelbey, Squire, Tellier, Byford, Durand, Bath, Ancliffe, Meyer-Helmund, Elliott, Kussner, Aletter, Gabriel-Marie, Salcede Bosworth & Co. Ltd.(1925) pp60 Sellotape repair page 3 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
241 SELECTED THE HUNDRED BEST SHORT CLASSICS Book I ed. Whitemore. Paterson's (1927) pp30 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
240 SELECTED THE HIGHWAY OF PROGRESS for Pianoforte. Pieces by Bach, Scriabine, Beethoven, Arensky, Chopin, Eric H. Thiman, Schumann, Brahms.Grade VII. Associated Board no date Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
231 SELECTED GOLDEN HOURS of Easy Piano Pieces Book 2. Prowse (c) 1929 AS NEW Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
218 SELECTED CLASSICS. 101 Edited by Dr. Ralph Dunstan. Reid Bros Ltd. (1927). Paper cover, back torn - spine peeling. pp157 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
217 SELECTED CLASSICAL BYPATHS. A graded anthology of keyboard works by composers of the 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries. Book 4 Lower - Higher. Edited by Ernest Haywood. Prowse no date VG Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
266 SELECTED STEP BY STEP TO THE CLASSICS (a) Book 4: Bach, Chopin etc. Banks (c) 1936 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
268 STRAUSS WALTZES Book I Novello Edition VG Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
269 STRAUSS WALTZ MEDLEY. Arranged by Ernie Stanton Banks Gem No.79 (1938) With Piano Accordian. Coloured pictorial cover pp2-15 Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1577 SULLIVAN etc. AN ALBUM OF 12 SONGS bound in leather with SONGS in gilt on cover : KING
HENRY'S SONG (Youth will needs have dalliance) in E-flat major pp7. Words
by HENRY VIII. Music by Arthur Sullivan/ THE PROMISE OF LIFE. Words by Clifton Bingham. Music by Frederic H. Cowen/ SLEEP MY LOVE, SLEEP (1874) N ...
Albums//Personal Bound £30.00
2665 SULLIVAN, Arthur ALBUM OF SONGS (22) (personally bound) in maroon cloth (rear board sl. worn) ow VG
THE FLOWER SONG in B-flat from FAUST by Gounod
A WOODLAND SERENADE in F by Mascheroni
VENETIAN SONG in D-flat by Tosti
DOUGLAS GORDON in F by Lawrence Kellie
DARB ...
Albums//Personal Bound £40.00
1576 SULLIVAN, Arthur S. On spine: SONGS in gilt
On cover (brown rexine I think): monogram: E.S.M. in gilt


1. THE LOST CHORD No.3 in A flat. Music by Arthur Sullivan (1877)
2. LET ME DREAM AGAIN No.2 in D. Music by Arthur Sullivan (1875)
3. LITTLE MAID OF ARCADEE. Words by W.S.Gilbert. Mu ...
Albums//Personal Bound £90.00
1987 THE HUNDRED BEST SHORT CLASSICS THE HUNDRED BEST SHORT CLASSICS for the Pianoforte. Book 5. Edited by Harold Samuel. Paterson's Publications (1927) pp28 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
271 TSCHAIKOVSKY, P. CASSE-NOISETTE SUITE arr. as DUETS by Edwin Evans from the Full Score. Reeves (n/d) pp75, olive boards, VG Piano//Classical//Albums £20.00
3031 VARIOUS ALBUM OF 21 PIANO SOLO ITEMS: HAPPY ENGLAND by Edouard Dorn; PERLES DE SALON (Donizetti's LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR) Transcriptions for the Pianoforte bu Leon D'Ourville; MAZURK Op. 103 by Benjamin Godard; CHANSON D'AMOUR Op.19 by J. Egghard; PAS TRISTE PAS GAI Rondeau by William Sterndale Bennett; No.12 ...
Albums//Personal Bound £25.00
1632 VARIOUS STEP by STEP to the CLASSICS. Book 2. Selected & Annotated by Felx Swinstead. Banks Edition No. 216 (1936) pp28 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
1772 VICTOR ALBUM The Victor March Album for Piano. Bayley & Ferguson pp48 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
1773 VICTOR FOLIO The Victor Folio Piano Music. Bayley & Ferguson pp224 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
Albums//Personal Bound £100.00
1677 VICTORIAN PIANO AND VOCAL MUSIC (c. 1875) A large Album including : Home Flowers Polka by de Boutville (coloured) ; The Death of Nelson by Braham (black and white); Grandfather's Clock by Work (b&w) Albums//Personal Bound £40.00
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