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1408 BACH, J.S J.S.BACH ORGAN WORKS Book 2 PRELUDES, FUGUES & TRIO Edited by Sir Frederick Bridge & James Higgs : Allabreve BWV 589 Prelude in G BWV 568; Canzona BWV 588 `Giant' Fugue in D minor BWV 680; Fugue in G minor BWV 131a; `Little' Prelude & Fugue in E minor BWV 533; Prelude & Fugue in C minor BWV 549; Tri ...
Instrument//Organ £8.00
551 BACH, J.S. Aria from Cantata No.208: SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE arranged for Organ by Stainton deB. Taylor. OUP (c) 1942 Instrument//Organ £1.00
1409 BACH, J.S. TOCCATA & FUGUE D MINOR BWV 565. Edition Peters No. 261pp11 Instrument//Organ £4.00
1410 FRANCK, Cesar TROIS CHORALS No1/ No. 2/ No.3 COMPLETE. United Music Publishers pp41 Instrument//Organ £8.00
1415 HAMMOND'S HAMMOND'S COLLECTION OF MUSIC FOR AMERICAL ORGAN. Vol.2. Hammond pp71 (one loose page), brown decorative boards with gilt lettering

(Provenance unknown - inscribed Southport)
Instrument//Organ £5.00
1709 HANDEL 6 Orgel-Konzerte Orgel Solo. Edition Peters Nr.3627 pp87 (paper covers : upright) (cover a little grubby) Instrument//Organ £4.00
2691 KETELBEY, Albert W SANCTUARY of the HEART Meditation Religieuse . ORGAN SOLO. Bosworth (1924) pp7 (Illustrated Music Cover by Fred Low) Instrument//Organ £8.00
554 LEMMENS, J. MORCEAUX pour ORGUE-MELODIUM . Bound with red tape, unstitched, cover worn. Schott Instrument//Organ £2.00
1412 PACH, Walter TWO CHORAL PRELUDES. Oxford Organ Series. OUP (1955) pp5 Instrument//Organ £3.00
1413 SCHUMANN, Robert THREE FUGHETTAS Op. 126 Arranged for Organ by BRYAN HESFORD. Cramer (1982) pp8 Instrument//Organ £4.00
1657 SCHUMANN, Robert FOUR SKETCHES Op. 58. ORGAN. Augener's Edition No. 6768 (1925). Originally written for Pedal Piano. Transcribed for Organ by W.A. Wightman. Edited by Henry G. Ley pp17 Instrument//Organ £5.00
553 THE CLOISTER ALBUM OF VOLUNTARIES for The Harmonium or American Organ. Arranged by Richard Turle. Volume 6. Keith prowse Music Publishing (c)1935 Instrument//Organ £2.00
552 THE CLOISTER ALBUM OF VOLUNTARIES for The Harmonium or American Organ. Arranged by Richard Turle. Volume 4 Keith prowse Music Publishing (c)1935 Instrument//Organ £2.00
1414 TUMA, Frantisek SUITE FOR ORGAN Arranged and edited by C.H.Trevor. Oxford Organ Music (1964) pp5 Instrument//Organ £4.00
1710 VARIOUS (a) Organist's Library. First Volume A choice collection of popular pieces by modern composers : Salome, Dubois, Faulkes, D'Evry, Holloway, Deshayes, Gaul, Renaud, Friml, Foote, Kullack, Demarest, Dunham, Pache, Spence.Lengnick (1892) pp84 (hardback) @ £7.00

(b) Organist's Library. Second Vol ...
Instrument//Organ £7.00
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