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3158 ADAMS, A. Emmett THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S WALTZ on the celebrated song by A. Emmett Adams, arranged by Bertram Lestrange. Words by Douglas Furber. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1919) pp7. Illustrated Music Cover with Music (EWH) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £15.00
506 ALETTER, W. RENDEZ-VOUS Intermezzo Rococo. Bosworth (c) 1900. sepia pictorial cover Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £6.00
832 ALFORD, Kenneth J COLONEL BOGEY. Hawkes (1916) pp4. Coloured cover 2 available Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
2771 ANDERSON, Leroy LEROY ANDERSON (ALMOST COMPLETE) 25 GREAT MELODIES as originally composed for PIANO SOLO. Warner Bros. Publications, USA pp121 (1990) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £7.00
2720 ANDERSON, Leroy PLINK, PLANK, PLUNK! Paino Solo. Mills (1922) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1923 ARDITTI IL BACIO. Banks Sixpenny Edition No.90 pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1211 ARNE, Thomas THE NATIONAL ANTHEM arranged (for The Royal Shakespeare Company) by
Raymond Leppard from the earliest known source of the melody c. 1740.
Gamut (1962)
Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £8.00
317 BACH BACH, J.S. AIR ON THE G STRING. Aria from the Suite No.3. Arranged by Granville Bantock. Paxton (1942) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
203 BACH, J.S ITALIAN CONCERTO. Augener's Edition. Cover grubby Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
508 BACH, J.S. ARIA on the G string from the Suite in D Arr. E.Heim. Augener Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
207 BACH, J.S. PARTITEN 1. Bb major/ 2. C minor. ED. Robert Teichmuller. Edition Peters No.4113 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
204 BACH, J.S. ITALIAN CONCERTO. Edition Peters Nr. 4110 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
205 BACH, J.S. ITALIAN CONCERTO/CHROMATIC FANTASIA etc. New Instructive Edition by Theodor Wiehmayer. Verlag (c) 1919 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
209 BACH, J.S. NOVELLO'S HOME MUSIC FOR THE PIANO. Senior Grade Book 4 (Advanced): Partita in Bb/ Air and Variations in A minor/ Prelude and Fugue in E flat/ Capriccio: The Departure. Novello (c) 1903 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
206 BACH, J.S. KLAVIERWERKE Englische Suiten Nr. 1-3 Ed. Ferruccio Busoni. Edition Breitkopf Nr. 4307 (c) 1916 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
208 BACH, J.S. PRELUDE/ BEETHOVEN, L. van ADAGIO IN A FLAT. New-Century Series. Vincent Educational. (c.July 1908). Covers loose Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
198 BACH, J.S. FIFTEEN 2-PART INVENTIONS. Edition Peters. (c) 1933. Cover grubby Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
199 BACH, J.S. FIFTEEN THREE-PART INVENTIONS Edited by Stewart Macpherson. Joseph Williams, Limited. Berners Edition No.96 (1916) Waterstain down spine Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1908 BACH, J.S. JESU, JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING The Chorale from Cantata No.147. Arranged for Piano by Myra Hess. OUP (1926) pp5 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1613 BACH, J.S. PRELUDE & FUGUE In A minor arranged by F. Liszt. Augener's Edition No. 6010 pp13 (tear at top - music unaffected) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
1425 BALFE THE BOHEMIAN GIRL Operatic Pieces for Violin & Piano by Henry Farmer. Williams pp11 (with Violin part) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £10.00
1831 BALFE THE BOHEMIAN GIRL. Operatic Fantasia by Carl Hemann. Banks, York (1923) pp11 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3159 BALFE, M.W. THE BOHEMIAN GIRL Overture arranged for Piano. Hawkes & Son pp16 + outer wraps Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1526 BARNBY, Ethel REVERIE - IMPROMPTU. Larway (1912) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1527 BARNES, Lewis THE JOY BIRD arr. Ernest Austin. Larway (1915) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1480 BARTOK, Bela ALLEGRO BARBARO. Universal Edition UE 5904 (1918/45) pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
273 BARTOK, Bela MIKROKOSMOS. Vol.III. Boosey & Hawkes (c) 1940 pp51 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £6.00
2552 BATH, Hubert CORNISH RHAPSODY Piano Solo arr. by the Composer (from the Gainsborough Picture 'Love Story'). Keith Prowse (1944) pp8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
275 BAX, Arnold P'AN (Passacaglia). Chappell (1929/1943) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £1.00
274 BAX, Arnold TWO LYRICAL PIECES from the Cineguild production OLIVER TWIST. Chappell (1948) pp6 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £7.00
509 BAYNES, Sydney ECSTACY Valse Esthetique. Swan (1913) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £6.00
834 BAYNTON-POWER, H. MEADOWSWEET Intermezzo Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. (1927) Illustrative cover 5pp VG Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
2502 BAYNTON-POWER, H. EVENING SHADOWS and FROLICKING. The Modern Series No.16 (ed. Augustus Holmes & Frederick Karn). Beal, Stuttard pp6 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1719 BAYS, R.E. CHICAGO WALTZ. Composed by R.E.Bays. Dedicated to the Citizens of The United States of America in Commemoration of The World's Fair, 1893. London Music Publishing Stores pp4 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
511 BEETHOVEN Rondo in D Trio for Violin, cello and pianoforte. Grade E. Edited by Jack Werner. Chappell (1962) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
1614 BEETHOVEN (a) 7 BAGATELLES Op.33 ed. Eric Kuhlstrom. Augener's Edition No. 8047 pp59 @ £5.00 another copy with grubby covers @ £3.00 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1764 BEETHOVEN PIANO SOLO 32 Piano Sonatas (3 volumes in slipcase). Urtext. Konemann Music Budapest Piano//Classical//Albums £40.00
318 BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY No.1 in C Op.21. Arranged by E. Pauer. Augener's Edition. Cover loose. Some neat indelible inscriptions. Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
319 BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY No.3 in E flat. Eroica. Op.55. PIANO DUET. Augener's Edition. Arranged by E.Pauer. Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1615 BEETHOVEN FANTASIA Op. 77 ed. and fingered by Thomas F. Dunhill. Augener (1915) pp15 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
3187 BEETHOVEN Facsimile of the First Edition of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata Op.27. No.2 Walsh Holmes (1930) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £8.00
276 BEETHOVEN FUR ELISE. The Portrait Gallery No.23. Leonard, Gould & Bolttler. (c)1931 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
2003 BEETHOVEN etc. MARCH ALBUM Book 7 SIX FUNERAL MARCHES : Handel, Holloway, Chopin, Tschaikowsky, Farmer and Beethoven. Williams pp20 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
2518 BEETHOVEN, CHOPIN, GRIEG, RACKMANINOFF, TCH'SKY TWO-PIANO SCORES : Two Pianos, Four Hands (In Score)(a) BEETHOVEN Op.15 Concerto No.I in C major For the Piano (F.Kullak) Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Vo.621pp81(1901/1929)(b) BEETHOVEN Op.19 Concerto No.II in B-flat major For the Piano (F.Kullak) Schirmer's Library of Musical ...
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
211 BEETHOVEN, L. van SONATAS: Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics. Revised and Fingered by Bulow and Lebert. Book I: 17 SONATAS. (c) 1894 (1923) pp341 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
2578 BEETHOVEN, L. van FIVE LANDLER (Country Dances) arranged for Piano by Ernest Haywood. Williams (1935) pp9 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
210 BEETHOVEN, L. van SONATAS (ed. G.Buonamici) : Book 1. Nos.1-16 Augener's Edition No.7999A (c) 1903 spine damaged but otherwise VG Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
1826 BEETHOVEN, L. van STEPS TO THE MASTERS Book 2. Selected and Edited by Purcell J. Mansfield.Banks (York) (1962) pp24 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
1909 BEETHOVEN, Louis (sic) Van SONATA No.2 Op.49. New Edition. Brewer pp9 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
212 BEETHOVEN,L. SONATAS for the Pianoforte. Volume Two. The Empire Edition. Pitman h/b large format VG Piano//Classical//Albums £12.00
836 BELL, Karl. THE FROGS' WEDDING Humoresque. Bosworth (1932) pp4 coloured cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1585 Bellini LA SONNAMBULA Fantaisie sur l'opera de Bellini pour piano by F.Scarsbrrok. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp5 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1586 Bellini NORMA Fantaisie sur l'opera de Bellini pour piano by F.Scarsbrrok. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp5 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
2765 BENJAMIN, Arthur JAMAICAN RUMBA Piano Duet arr. Joan Trimble. Boosey & Hawkes (1938) pp7 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1486 BENNETT, Richard Rodney DIVERSIONS. Universal Edition (1965) pp8 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
3184 BERNSTEIN, Leonard CANDIDE Selection. Chappell Proof Copy (1959) pp11 (facsimile) Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £6.00
1528 BIBBY, W CHANSON D'AMOUR (Song of Love). Harrison, Halifax pp4 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1529 BIEHL, Albert UNGARISCHER TANZ Hungarian Dance Op.165. Reynolds (1896) pp7 (illustrated cover - green monochrome) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £10.00
1501 BINGE, Ronald ELIZABETHAN SERENADE. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1952) pp6 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1988 BIRCH, W.H. THE RIPPLING STREAMLET Sketch Rustique for the Piano Forte. Orsborn & Tuckwood pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1640 BIZET CARMEN. Selection for Piano Solo by Ralph Dunstan. Reid (1927) pp23 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1638 BIZET JEUX D'ENFANTS 12 Pieces Op.22 Pour piano a 2 mains transcribed by Lucien Garban. Durand (1952) pp44 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £6.00
512 BLAKE, Howard FANTASY ALLEGRO Trio for pianoforte, violin (flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb) and violoncello (bassoon). Score + violin (or flute or oboe), Bb Clarinet and Cello (or bassoon) Chappell (1961) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
1481 BOCCHERINI, L. CELEBRATED MINUET from the Quintet in E. Piano transcription by E.Pauer. Augener pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1958 BONHEUR, Theo. AN AUTUMN RIDE Descriptive Fantasia. Paxton (1915) pp11 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1531 BONHEUR, Theo. A WINTER RIDE. Descriptive Fantasia. Paxton pp6 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
838 BRAGS Celebrated 'SERENATA' (Angel's Serenade) )arr. Oscar Allon). Arthur n/d. Plain cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
1426 BRAHMS WALZER Op. 39 for Violin & Piano arr. E.W. Ritter. Augener's Edition No. 9402 pp17 (with Violin part) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £6.00
1762 BRAHMS BRAHMS : PIANO SOLO COMPLETE EDITION (3 volumes in slipcase): Sonaten & Variationen; Piano Pieces; 5 Studien & 51 Ubungen. Urtext. Konemann Music Budapest (1997) ISBN 963 9250 47 3 (Complete) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £40.00
1639 BRAHMS THREE INTERMEZZI Op. 117. Revised and edited by Adolph Mann. Augener's Edition No. 5125 (1928) pp13 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
1641 BRAHMS VARIATIONS ON A THEME BY PAGANINI Op.35 Book 1. Augener's Edition No. 5115A
Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
213 BRAHMS, J. HUNGARIAN DANCES. Arranged as Pianoforte Solos by Charles Vincent. Winthrop Rogers (c) 1912 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
214 BRAHMS, J. 3 INTERMEZZI Op.117 (1892). British & Continental Music Agencies Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
2763 BRAHMS, J. HUNGARIAN DANCES BOOK II. Nos. 11-21 PIANO DUET Augener's Edition No. 6901pp64-113 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
2756 BRAHMS, J. WALZER Opus 39 : Two-Piano/Four Hands version. Edition Peters Nr. 3667 (separate piano parts) pp9 x 2 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1451 BRAHMS, J. TWO RHAPSODIES Op.79. Schirmer Vol. 1080 (1911/39) pp23 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
1479 BRAHMS, J. WALZER Op.39. Augener's Edition No. 8065 pp16 x 3 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1904 BRIDGE, Frank THE HOUR GLASS No.2 THE DEW FAIRY. Augener (1920) pp5 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £6.00
840 BROWN, Nacio Herb. THE DOLL DANCE. Prowse (1926) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1911 BRUCE, Ronald THE HAUNTING WALTZ. Reeder & Walsh (1921) pp8 (Illustrated Music Cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
501 BUCALOSSI, Ernest THE GRASSHOPPER'S DANCE. Hawkes (1905) 1st Violin x 2/ Cello (see: Light piano pieces)
2 Available
Instrument//Violin without Piano accompaniment £6.00
839 BUCALOSSI, Ernest THE GRASSHOPPERS' DANCE. Characteristic Piece. Boosey & Hawkes (1907, copyright renewed 1934) pp6 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
841 BURNHAM, Rufus J. DREAMS OF YOUTH Paxton (1926) spine sellotaped pp2-6 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
843 BUTLER, L. MONOLOGUES Book 1 Augener Album Series No. 66a (c)1919 14pp Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1931 CAMPBELL CONNELLY'S OLD TIME AND PART ALBUM CAMPBELL CONNELLY'S OLD TIME AND PARTY ALBUM : Valse Cotillion; Barn Dance; Lancers; Conga; Two Step; Palais Glide; Cokey-Cokey; St. Bernard Waltz; Lambeth Walk; Gay Gordons. Campbell Connelly (1953) pp29 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1977 CARYLL, Ivan (ARR. Warwick Williams) THE GAY PARISIENNE Quadrille. Chappell (1896) pp7 Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £4.00
1447 CHABRIER, E PIECES PITTORESQUES. Ten Pieces for the Piano ed. Beveridge Webster. International Music Company (1962) pp63 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1907 CHAMINADE, C. MEDITATION Romance sans Paroles Op.76. Enoch (1893) pp4 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
2995 CHAMINADE, C. PIERRETTE Air de Ballet Op.41. Enoch pp6 (sl. worn) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1734 CHOPIN PRELUDES Complete Piano Works. Revised by C.Klindworth and X. Scharwenka. Popular Edition pp633-674 green cloth Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1642 CHOPIN BALLADEN UND IMPROMPTUS (Ballads and Impromtus). (Herrmann Scholtz - Bronislaw v. Pozniak) Edition Peters Nr. 1905 (1948) pp82 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
1919 CHOPIN TRISTESSE Op.10, No.3. The Famous Study easily arranged for Piano by Peter Kane. Paxton (1942) pp4 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1650 CHOPIN PRELUDE Op. 28 No.15. Freeman Grafton Classics No.37 (1933) pp5 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1647 CHOPIN WALTZ : Op. 64 No.1 in D-flat major. Banks pp5 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
1648 CHOPIN WALTZ : Op. 69 No.2 in B minor. Augener (1952) Klindworth - Scharwenka Edition pp4 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1649 CHOPIN POLONAISE Op. 26 No.1. Ashdown pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1646 CHOPIN VARIOUS WORKS : Barcarole Op. 60 in F-sharp. Augener Klindworth - Scharwenka Edition pp805 - 814 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1645 CHOPIN PIANO SONATAS Grande Sonate Op.4. Revised, phrased and fingered by Carl Klindworth. The Final revise by Xaver Scharwenka. Augener pp675 - 700 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £8.00
1644 CHOPIN NOCTURNES Op. 37 No.2 in G major. Augener Klindworth - Scharwenka Edition pp306-10 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £0.00
1913 CHOPIN MARCHE FUNEBRE Op.35 (from Sonata in B-flat minor, Op.35). Edited and Fingered by Allan W. Bunney. Freeman (1936) Grafton Classics No.78 pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1671 CHOPIN GEMS OF CHOPIN arr. Geo. H. Farnell. Gems Series Book 11. Banks (1933) pp19 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1906 CHOPIN (arr. Louis Ree) WALTZ IN D-FLAT : TWO PIANOS - FOUR HANDS. Chappell (1939/43) pp4 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1812 CHOPIN, F WALTZES Grande valse brillante Op.18; Valse brillante Op.34, No.1; Valse brillante Op.34, No.2; Valse brillante Op.34, No.3; Valse Op.42; Valse Op.64, No.1; Valse Op.64, No.2; Valse Op.64, No.3; Valse Op.69, No.1; Valse Op.69, No.2; Valse Op.70, No.1; Valse Op. posth. Blackburn Edition, Leeds pp60 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
216 CHOPIN, F. STUDIES Op.10/Op.25 + Trois Nouvelles Etudes. Augener's Complete Piano Works Ed. Nos. 6078 (a) & (b) red cloth pp531-632 Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1483 CHOPIN, F. 27 ETUDES Op. 10 - Op. 25 and 3 New Etudes. Edition Wood No. 410 pp115 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
358 CHOPIN,F. LES SYLPHIDES Op.28, No.7 A Romantic Reverie in One Act by Michel Fokine. Paxton (1941) Photo of Covent Garden Production on coloured pictorial cover Piano//Ballet £4.00
272 CLASSIC WALTZES by Tchaikovsky, Delibes and Offenbach arranged by Victor Ambroise. Lawrence Wright (1946) Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
219 CLEMENTI 6 Sonatinas Op 36 Augener;s Edition No. 8091 cover loose Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
2778 COATES, Eric THE THREE BEARS Phantasy for the Pianoforte. From the Fairy Story "GOLDILOCKS and the THREE BEARS". Chappell (1926) pp23
Condition : VG
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
321 COATES, Eric MINIATURE SUITE arr. from the Orchestral Score by the Composer. Boosey (1911) pp21 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3179 COATES, Eric SUMMER DAYS Pianoforte Solo. Chappell (1919) pp14 MINT Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £10.00
222 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR 2 MOORISH TONE-PICTURES.Op.19 (1897). Augener's Edition No.6101. Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
223 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR OTHELLO SUITE. Op. 79 (1912). Dance, Children's Intermezzo, Funeral March, The Willow Song, Military March. Metzler (1920) pp20 Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
2713 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S PIANO ALBUM : Eight Favourite Pieces : Impromptu No.1 & 2; Three Fours : Valse Suite. Op.71, No.6; Zarifa. Op.19, No.2; Scene de Ballet. Op.64, No.4; Idyll; Cameo, Op.56, No.2; Forest Scenes. Op.66, No.2. Augener (a) (1911 - this copy c.1929) pp39 (personal inscription 18th June, 1936) (green cloth ...
Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
221 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. THREE DREAM DANCES.Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew. Limited (1911) pp18 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
224 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. PETITE SUITE DE CONCERT : Le Caprice de Nannette, Demande et Reponse, Un Sonnet d'Amour, La Tarantelle Fretillante. Boosey (1916/37) Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
225 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. SCENES FROM AN IMAGINARY BALLET Boosey (c) 1911 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
1432 CONS, Auguste (a) SUITE ECHOES OF SCANDINAVIA for Violin & Piano. The Royal College Edition No. 68. Gould (1914) pp24 (with Violin part) @ £6.00

(b) SUITE SUNNY SPAIN for Violin & Piano. The Royal College Edition No. 101. Gould & Bolttler (1916) pp21 (with Violin part) @ £6.00
Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £6.00
359 CONS, Auguste RUSSIAN BALLET DANCES. Suite for Piano. No.1 AIR DE BALLET No.2 PEASANT DANCE No.3 SLEIGH BELL DANCE 4. GIPSY DANCE. The Royal College Edition No.65 Leonard, Gould & Bolttler (c) 1913 (cover loose) pp24 Piano//Ballet £4.00
847 CONS, Auguste SUNNY SPAIN. Characteristic Suite. Leonard, Gould & Bolttler (1914) pp21 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
845 CONS, Auguste ECHOES OF SCANDINAVIA Leonard, Gould & Bolttler (1912)
see also 278
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2663 CONS, Auguste DANSE HONGROISE Morceau. Gould & Bolttler (1910) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
226 CONS, AUGUSTE and GAMBRELL, SYDNEY GRACEFUL DANCES (a) 1st Set (1908) Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
228 CONS, AUGUSTE and GAMBRELL, SYDNEY GRACEFUL DANCES 4th Set by Cons (1922) Leonard, Gould & Bolttler Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
227 CONS, AUGUSTE and GAMBRELL, SYDNEY GRACEFUL DANCES 2nd Set (Newton, Cons, Fredericks)(1920) Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1487 CONTEMPORARY BRITISH PIANO MUSIC Pezzo Dramatico by Don Banks; Four Sonnets for Piano by P. Racine Fricker; Three Pieces for Piano by Iain Hamilton; Suite for Piano by Humphrey Searle. Schott (1956) pp28 Piano//Classical//Albums £15.00
279 COUPERIN, F. SOEUR MONIQUE (Sister Monica). Rondeau. Edited and Fingered by Alex Roloff. Old French Masters. Augener (1921) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1673 COWLIN, Rupert ASCHERBERG'S FIRST PIANO ACCORDION ALBUM Edited by Rupert Cowlin. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1934) pp20 Instrument//Piano-Accordian £5.00
507 d'AMBROSIO, A. SERENATA. Grade IV All Positions.Schott's Selected Series for Violin and Piano No.39. Selected, edited and graded by Sydney Robjohns Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
848 DANCES FOR THE BALLROOM For the Piano with Piano Accordian Parts. Banks Gem Series Book 76 pp23 (worn) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
281 DAVIES, WALFORD SOLEMN MELODY. Facsimile: Composer's autograph with musical quotation. Novello (1909) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £1.00
280 DAVIES, WALFORD SOLEMN MELODY. Facsimile: Composer's autograph with musical quotation. Novello (1909) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1453 DEBUSSY, C. DOCTOR GRADUS AD PARNASSUM from THE CHILDREN'S CORNER SUITE. United Music Publishers (1968) pp5 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
283 DEBUSSY, Claude CLAIR DE LUNE. Novello Edition (1956) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
284 DEBUSSY, Claude DEUX ARABESQUES. Durand (1904) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
285 DEBUSSY, Claude LA CATHEDRALE ENGLOUTIE. United (c) 1910 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
282 DEBUSSY, Claude CLAIR DE LUNE. Novello Edition (1927) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
360 DELIBES COPPELIA. Excerpts from the ballet. Arranged for Piano Solo by Edric Cundell. Paxton pp28 (c)1922 non-coloured cover Piano//Ballet £3.00
362 DELIBES COPPELIA VALSE Arranged by Victor Ambrose. Wright (1946) Piano//Ballet £2.00
1920 DELIBES COPPELIA Ballet . Banks Sixpenny Edition No.99 pp7 Piano//Ballet £2.00
1533 DELIBES, Leo SYLVIA Selected Melodies arr. Henry Geehl. Ashdown (1947) pp12 (worn) Piano//Ballet £2.00
286 DELIBES, Leo NAILA Pas de Fleurs. Grande Valse (La Source). Schott Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1925 DIEHL, Louis SIX GAVOTTES for VIOLIN with Piano Accompaniment (composers : Diehl, Fliege, Silas and Watson) (arr. Diehl). Ashdown pp34 Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £6.00
322 DONIZETTI DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT arr. Barnett. Cassell Operatic Selections No.15. Ex-Pub.Lib pp20 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
287 DURRAND, Auguste PREMIERE VALSE Op.83 (Edited by Sidney Harrison) Augener (1961) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
229 DUSSEK SIX SONATINAS Op.20 Ashdown Collection No.122 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
230 DVORAK, A MEMORIES OF arr. Rapley. Chappell (1956) pp7 (covers detached) Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
2570 DVORAK, A SYMPHONY in E minor 'From the New World' Op.95. PIANOFORTE SOLO by Paul Juon. Lengnick (1894) pp35 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1985 EDMONDS, Paul SONGS AND MARCHING TUNES FOR CHILDREN. Pitman (1935) pp88 (hardback) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £8.00
1538 EILENBERG, Robert 10 RECREATIONS Op.25. No.9 CRADLE SONG. Wood (1901) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
3156 ELGAR, E. THE WAND OF YOUTH (First Suite). Pianoforte Solo. Novello (1907 : July, 1923) pp28 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
323 ELGAR, Edward 272. ELGAR, Edward. POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE. Military Marches (a) No.1 in D. Op.39. (Arranged by Adolf Schmid) Boosey & Co. (1902/1930) (see ORCHESTRAL PARTS) (b) No. 4 in G. Op.39 (Arr. by Adolf Schmid). Boosey (1907/1930) (inner cover faded)
£2.00 each
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
289 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR Op.12 Schott (c) 1899/1901 (green cover) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
288 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR Op.12 Schott (c) 1899/1901 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1539 ELLIOTT, Percy DEDICATION Melody. Schott (1916) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2694 ENGELMANN, H MELODIE D'AMOUR for the Piano. Arthur (undated) pp6 (with Violin Obligato ad. lib.) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
3100 EWING, Montague FIREFLIES Ballet Suite for Piano. Ernest Stuttard, Burnley, Lancs. (1919) pp16 Piano//Ballet £5.00
853 EWING, Montague MOSAICS Characteristic Suite for Piano Evans (1921) pp2-15 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1903 EWING, Montague IN TUDOR TIMES Suite for Piano. Gould & Boltttler . The Royal College Edition No.179 (decorative cover by W.George) Inscribed by the composer (1928) pp11 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £20.00
854 EWING, Montague THE POLICEMAN'S HOLIDAY 1 or 2-Step. Illustrated coloured cover by W.George. Phillips & Page (1911) pp 7. Another copy. Oliver : cover loose and torn @ £1.00 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1926 EWING, Montague (arr.) GRAND SELECTION of STANDARD FAVOURITES. Classica. Lennox (1926) pp16 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1540 FALK, Armand VIOLETTE Dance. Nightingale (1920) pp4 (with photo. of Miss Violette Fenton on cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1541 FALK, Armand WIDE AWAKE. Fox-Trot. Nightingale (1920) pp4 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
892 FAMOUS MARCHES Keith Prowse (1932). Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
855 FARGEON, H SWAN-SONG (Ein Schwanengesang) Augener (1905) Pictorial cover 5pp Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
3192 FARNON, Robert The Westminster Waltz Piano Solo. Chappell pp7 (1955) (cover has slight blemish, ow good) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1928 FELDMAN'S 23rd DANCE ALBUM FELDMAN'S 23rd DANCE ALBUM : Arlette; That Dear Old Home; Bells of Peace; The Great Big World; Yes, Uncle; 1917-1918; Baby Soldier Boy; Where the Blak-Eyes Susans Grow; Victoryland. Feldman pp48 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £7.00
495 FIRST PIANO-ACCORDIAN ALBUM Arranged by T.W.Thurban. Wright (1926) Instrument//Piano-Accordian £4.00
265 FIRST STAR FOLIO of Pianoforte Music Containing 47 Celebrated Compositions including: ADIEUX by Beethoven;
ALICE by Ascher; CHANSON TRISTE by Tschaihowsky; CHANT SANS PAROLES by Tschaihowsky; DONAUWELLEN WALTZ by Ivanovici; ECHOE OF LUCERNE by Richards; GAIETE DE COEUR by Smith; GIPSY RONDO by Haydn; GRAND MARCH by Blake; HOME SWE ...
Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
1235 Fletcher, Percy E THREE LIGHT PIECES : Lubly Lulu; Fifinette; Folie Bergere. Chappell (1908) pp19 (2 copies) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
856 FLETCHER, Percy E. DEMOISELLE CHIC Intermezzo Hawkes (c) 1914 Pictorial cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
324 FLOTOW MARTHA. Selection for the Pianoforte by Oscar Verne. Paxton Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1929 FlY, Leslie THE MOONRAKERS Four Miniatures. Forsyth (1956) pp9 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1542 FOX, Albert DREAMING Reverie. Reid pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
Hunter (1919) pp49
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £10.00
857 FRANKLIN, Ronald LA VICTOIRE. Novelty Fox-Trot. The steps invented & arranged by Charles Wood. Sharples (1920) decorative coloured cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1693 Fraser-Simson, H. Nine More Favourite Tunes arranged as Piano Solos from Musical Settings of WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG (Verses, A.A. Milne). International Music Company (1924/28) pp15 (illustrated cover). Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £10.00
1482 FREY, Martin (ed.) THE AGE OF CHIVALRY. Menuets - Gavottes - Sarabandes of the 18th Century. Composers : C.P.E. Bach*; W.F. Bach*; C.Graupner; J.P.Kirnberger*; J.L. Krebs*; G.P.Telemann; G. Grunewald. Lengnick/ Rahter, Germany © 1935 (coloured cover) pp27 (*first published works) Piano//Classical//Albums £15.00
858 FRIEDMANN, Carl SLAVISCHE RHAPSODIE. Harris (1904/1931). Pictorial cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
1941 FRIML, Rudolf THE FIREFLY by Rudolf Friml. Piano Solo (arr. George L. Zalva). Chappell (1937) pp12 Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £3.00
859 FRY, Bridget Z CARS THEME (Johnny Todd) (From the BBC TV series). Essex (1962) VG Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
860 FUCIK, Julius ENTRY OF THE GLADIATORS. Boosey & Hawkes (C)1903. Pictorial cover (probably later printing). Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
861 GABRIEL MARIE. LA CINQUANTAINE Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
515 GABRIELLI, L. GAVOTTE DES DEMOISELLES. Grade IV All Positions.Schott's Selected Series for Violin and Piano No.34. Selected, edited and graded by Sydney Robjohns Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
862 GANNE, Louis LA CZARINE Muzurka Russe. Enoch (n.d.) sepia illustrated cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
864 GEEHL, Henry (Ed.) BLACK EYES (Russian Gipsy Song). Ashdown (1943) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
2700 GERARD, Felix POPPIES IN THE CORN Intermezzo for Piano. Op.6, No.1. Williams (1913) pp5. Illustrated cover by Philip Greaves Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £7.50
2668 GERMAN, E. SELECTION FROM THE COMIC OPERA MERRIE ENGLAND ARRANGED FOR THE PIANOFORTE (by the composer) Chappell (1901) pp18 (large format Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £8.00
2719 GERMAN, E. Six Easy Pieces for Piano adapted from "Merrie England" of EDWARD GERMAN Arranged, Edited & Fingered by THOMAS F. DUNHILL. Chappell THE POPULAR OPERA SERIES (1925) pp11 Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £15.00
3157 GERMAN, E. THREE DANCES from the music to HENRY VIII. Arranged for the Pianoforte by the Composer. Novello (1892) pp16 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
2701 GERMAN, E. VALSE FANTASTIQUE Pour Piano (Continental Fingering). Ashdown 1910. From Suite for Four Hands arr. Henry E. Geehl. Pp7. Large archive tape repair to inner wraps and pp2-3, ow good Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £8.00
2702 GERMAN, E. BOUREE for Pianoforte. Continental Fingering. Ashdown (c. 1908) pp7 (folded downwards) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £7.00
1212 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES from HENRY VIII for Violin and PIanoforte. Composed for
the production of the Play at the Lyceum Theatre, Jan. 1892. Arranged
by the Composer. Novello (1893) pp18 (violin part pp7). A little worn
Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £10.00
2705 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES : NELL GWYN - VIOLIN part (to be played with solo piano). Chappell (1900) pp8 Instrument//Violin without Piano accompaniment £5.00
325 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES from HENRY VIII A Merry May. Novello (c) 1892 coloured pictorial cover (see also: operetta/orchestral parts - incidental music) Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £6.00
326 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES FROM NELL GWYN. Arranged for Pianoforte Solo by the composer. Chappell (1900) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
327 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES FROM NELL GWYN. Arranged for Pianoforte Solo by the composer. Chappell (1900) (later impression 1920's) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1241 GERMAN, Edward FOUR DANCES from MERRIE ENGLAND. Pianoforte Solo (arranged by the composer). Chappell (1902) pp15 (A4 photocopied booklet only) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
865 GODARD, Charles FAVOURITE PIANO PIECES Alfred Lengnick (c) 1894 pp2-31 some foxing towards end of music Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1546 GODARD, Felix REMEMBRANCE. Harrison, Halifax pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1548 GODARD, Louis A SYLVAN SCENE Entracte. Harrison, Halifax (1919) pp5 (illustrative cameo on cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
866 GODARD, Louis MAY BLOSSOM 2-tone decorative cover. Harrison (1922) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1697 GOLDEN HOURS GOLDEN HOURS for Violin & Piano SECOND SELECTION Easy Transcriptions, Classical & Popular. BOOK TEN. Keith Prowse (1930) pp39 (with part) VG (includes Braga La Serenata, Liszt Liebestraum etc.) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £10.00
1696 GOLDEN HOURS GOLDEN HOURS Arrangements of POPULAR CLASSICS FOR THE PIANOFORTE arr. by Arthur Kingsley. BOOK EIGHT. Keith Prowse © 1930 pp56 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
517 GOUNOD, Ch FAVOURITE AIRS FROM FAUST Arranged by William M. Hutchison for VIOLIN AND PIANO (no separate violin part). Chappell. Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £1.00
518 GOUNOD, Ch MEDITATION sur le Prelude de S.Bach pour piano et violin (part missing) . B. Schott's Sohne. Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £1.00
363 GOUNOD, Ch. FAUST Piano Solo. Chappell Piano//Ballet £4.00
867 GRAHAM, Leslie A MEMORY King, Stuart & Co. (1924) Decorative orange cover pp3-7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
2750 GRAINGER, Percy SHEPHERD'S HEY British Folk-Music Settings No.4 (2. Simplified Version). Schott (1911/1937) pp77 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
2698 GRAINGER, Percy ROOM-MUSIC TIT-BITS No.1 MOCK MORRIS for PIANO. Popular Version. Schott (1913) pp10 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
2585 GRAINGER, Percy BRITISH FOLK-MUSIC SETTINGS No.6 Irish tune from County Derry for PIANO. Schott (1911) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £8.00
290 GRANADOS, E DANZA ESPANOLA No.5 Andaluza. Union Musical Espanola no date Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1963 GRAY, Lionel Parker SEA SPRAY A Nautical Fantasia : Hearts of Oak; The Lass that loves a sailor; Bay O'Biscay; Rocked in the Cadle of the Deep; Life on the Ocean Wave. The Albion Edition No.45 Marks & Spencer pp7 (worn) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1965 GREGORY, Frank LOVE IN HARVEST TIME Intermezzo. Banks (1922) pp7 (cover edge repaired with black tape, stained, ow good) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1944 GREGORY, Frank WHERE BLOOMS THE ROSE Vocal Waltz. Banks, York (1924) pp5 (Illustrated Music Cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1964 GREGORY, Frank VALSE IMPRESSIVE. Banks (1922) pp5 (Illustrated Music Cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1763 GRIEG GRIEG : PIANO SOLO COMPLETE EDITION (3 volumes in slipcase): Peer Gynt and other Arrangements of Own Works; Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances/ Sonata; Holberg-Suite and Piano Pieces; Song Arrangements; Moods/ Lyric Pieces. Urtext. Konemann Music Budapest. Piano//Classical//Albums £40.00
233 GRIEG, E. LYRIC PIECES. Edition Peters.Novello pp16 front cover detached, no back cover Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1484 GRIEG, E. HOLBERG SUITE Opus 40. Novello pp19 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1485 GRIEG, E. HUMORESQUES Opus 6. Novello pp16 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
294 GRIEG, Edvard MARCH OF THE DWARFS Opus 54. No.3 Peters Edition No.2834 VG Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
292 GRIEG, Edvard BRIDAL MARCH Op.19 No.2. The Guildhall Edition No.5 (c.1907) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
291 GRIEG, Edvard ALBUMBLATT Opus 28. No.3. Album Leaf. Edition Peters No.2424 VG Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
295 GRIEG, Edvard WEDDING DAY Op.65 No.6. Novello (Peters ed.) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1726 HANDEL WATER MUSIC arr. Granville Bantock. Paxton (coloured cover) pp38 (1946/71) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
2768 HANDEL SUITE FORM HANDEL'S ' WATER MUSIC '. Two Piano (Two Copies) arr. Phyllis Tate. The Oxford Easy Two-Piano Series (1937) pp15 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
2755 HANDEL ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA (arr. Brian Easdale) The Two-Piano Series edited by Ethel Bartless and Rae Robertson. OUP (1937) pp14 x 2 (Piano I and Piano II parts) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3182 HANDEL, F. G. THE HARMONIOUS BALCKSMITH. Freeman Grafton Classics No. 69 (1935) pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
2614 HANDEL, G. THE MESSIAH for the Pianoforte (without words) arr. J.A.Wade. Metzler (stamped 27 June 1871 pp52) (red cloth, 1st edition) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
519 HANDEL, G.F. Sonata 2 in G minor Violin & PIano arr. H.Wessely. Williams (1920) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £4.00
503 HANDEL, G.F. 2nd Violin 42pp. Novello Instrument//Violin without Piano accompaniment £5.00
502 HANDEL, G.F. 1st Violin 42pp. Novello Instrument//Violin without Piano accompaniment £5.00
235 HANDEL, G.F. Klaviersuite G-Moll. Ed. James Kwast. Verlag Ullstein (c) 1924 VG Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
234 HANDEL, G.F. ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA from SOLOMON. Freely arranged for Pianoforte Solo by Eric Hope. Hinrichsen No.375 c.1945 pp11 Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1496 HANDEL, G.F. THE CUCKOO and THE NIGHTINGALE (From the 13th Organ Concerto). Transcribed for Piano Duet by Leonard Duck. Francis, Day & Hunter (1951) pp11 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3194 HANMER, Ronald MEXICAN HAT DANCE Piano Solo arr. Ronald Hanmer. Dix (1952) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
520 HARDING, Kenneth Six Miniature Tone Pictures. Six progressive pieces for String players in the early grades, for three Violins with optional Piano and `Cello. Score pp16 with VIOLIN II and `CELLO parts only. Keith Prowse Music Publishing (1967) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
869 HARGREAVES, F. THE GALLANT HIGHLANDER Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. (1914) Coloured cover (detached) pp2-7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
3069 HATCH, Tony & TRENT, Jackie NEIGHBOURS (The theme from the TV series 'Neighbours'). Words and Music by Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent. Voice and Piano (1985) pp4 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
238 HAYDN Beringer's School of EASY CLASSICS. Augener (1913) pp33 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
296 HAYDN SONATINA in G Opus 31. No.4 Transcribed for Pianoforte (From Original Orchestral Parts) by Dudley E. Bayford. Francis, Day & Hunter (1949) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
239 HAYDN, J. SONATAS For the Piano. Book I (Nos. 1-10) Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Vol. 295 (c) 1894 Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
1448 HAYDN, J. STEPS TO THE MASTERS Book 4 Selected and Edited by Purcell J. Mansfield. Banks ed. 142 (1962) pp19 x 2 @ £4.00 each Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
1968 HAYDN, J. GIPSY RONDO. Green (with illustrated music cover of the Houses of Parliament). Green, Colne, Lancs. The Westminster Edition pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
3162 HAYDN, Joseph HAYDN Famous Tunes. Everybody's Music Library Vol.VIII. Piano Solo. Boosey & Hawkes (1955) pp20. Condition : VG Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
237 HAYDN-MOZART Selected Compositions. Haydn: Andante con Variazioni/ Fantasia/ Capriccio. Mozart: Fantasia I/II/III/ Rondo I/II/ Adagio/ Menuetto/ Gigue. New Instructive Edition by Theodor Wiehmayer. Verlag (c) 1913 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
3001 HEMANN, Carl THE BRITISH CAVALRY Grand March-Galop de Concert for Pianoforte Solo. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp9 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
870 HEMANN, Carl GLISTENING RAINDROPS Valsette Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. (1911) Pictorial cover by Fred Low pp2-7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
871 HEMANN, Carl SPRING DAY (A Merry Dance) Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. (1921) Cover stained pp2-8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
872 HEMANN, Carl MERRY MAY-TIME Beal, Stuttard & Co. (1908). Copy c. 1924 Coloured decorative cover pp2-8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1623 HEMANN, Carl THE INDIAN HUNTER Characteristic Rondo in F Major for Piano. Banks (1909) pp7 (coloured cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2497 HEMERY, Valentine AUTUMN BLOSSOMS Melodie for Piano. Evans pp7 (Illustrated Music Cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
1549 HEMERY, Valentine GWENDOLINE Romance. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp7 (coloured illustrative cameo on cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1945 HEROLD ZAMPA Overture. Paxton pp8 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1687 HEYKENS, Jonny HEYKENS' SECOND SERENADE. Feldman (1933) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
873 HEYKENS, Jonny STANDCHEN (Serenade) Op.21. Benjamin (1920/28) pictorial cover pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2716 HEYKENS, Jonny STANDCHEN Serenade Op. 21. Piano Solo. Benjamin, Hamburg (1928) pp5 (with German text) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1751 HOLBROOKE, Josef VALSE CAPRICE on THREE BLIND MICE for Piano Op.4, No.1. Augener (1901) (covers foxed) pp10 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
2503 HOLMES, G. Augustus & KARN, Frederick J. CLASSIFIED STUDIES for the Pianoforte Book 2. Beal, Stuttard pp26 Piano//Learning//Piano Tutors £4.00
2504 HOLMES, G. Augustus & KARN, Frederick J. PREPARATORY MANUALS for the Pianoforte Book 1. Beal, Studdard pp15 Piano//Learning//Piano Tutors £3.00
874 HOLZMANN, A. THE GREAT AMERICAN MARCH `BLAZE AWAY'. Feldman (c)1901 (1921). Coloured cover. Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1962 HORNE, H.C. ON A SUNDAY MORN Descriptive Intermezzo. Walsh Holmes (1928) pp7 (Illustrated Music Cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1550 HOUGH, A. SUNBEAM Tarantelle. Osborne (1906) pp4 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1551 HOWARD, Winifred MY LADY CHARMING Intermezzo. Newman (1918) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
297 HOWELLS, Herbert TRIUMPH TUNE Based on a Folk-Tune. Curwen Edition 99083 (c) 1938 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £1.00
524 HURLSTONE, Wm Y. FOUR ENGLISH SKETCHES. Berners Edition No.13353 Williams (1910)(repaired) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
875 HURST, Jan CORAL ISLE Valse. Cover detached. Chappell (1923) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
1961 HURST, Jan INTERMEZZO. Banks (1913) pp5 (Illustrated Music Cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1488 IRELAND, John THE ISLAND SPELL. Augener © 1915 pp8 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1454 IRELAND, John SONATA for Piano. Augener (1920) pp31 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £6.00
2776 IRVIN, Christopher CHANSON D'ETE (Summer Song) Romance for Violoncello & Piano. Duration: approx. 5:30. Score pp8. Part pp3 © 2011 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
3045 IRVIN, Christopher THE WILLOW WALTZ arranged for PIANO DUET by the composer. The original orchestral version was written in the Spring of 2010, reflecting the composer's pleasure in Light Classical Music.The main theme has been developed extensively, with a contrasting Dumka section, with the aim of creating a popular ...
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
877 IRVIN, Christopher IRONIES. Piano Solo. A theme in F major for a Thomas Hardy short story 'On the Western Circuit'.
Bridge Theatre Music Publications (1994) 4pp. Duration: 4:30
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
2784 IRVIN, Christopher THE WILLOW WALTZ arranged for piano by the composer (from the full orchestral score) was composed in the spring of 2010, reflecting his pleasure in Light Classical Music.The main theme has been developed extensively, with a contrasting Dumka section, with the aim of creating a popular concert waltz ...
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
876 IRVIN, Christopher HIDE AND SEEK POLKA. Piano Solo in E-flat
Bridge Theatre Music Publications (1993) 8pp with decorative cover. Duration: 5:38
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
878 JACOBI, Victor ON MIAMI SHORE Valse. Chappell (1920) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
879 JACOBI, Victor SYBIL Valse arr. H.M.Higgs. Chappell (1921) + 1st Violin part only Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1682 Joyce, Ethel SUN OF MY SOUL. Banks (1922) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
299 KAMMELL, Antonine GIGA Arranged by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat. Cramer (1928) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
3196 KARAS, Anton THE THIRD MAN (THE HARRY LIME THEME). Chappell (1949) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1940 KERN, Jerome JEROME KERN MELODIES Piano Solo Selected & Arranged by Henry Hall. Chappell (1934) pp15 Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £6.00
2690 KETELBEY, Albert W THE SACRED HOUR Reverie . Bosworth (1929) pp7 with Illustrated Music Cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
2916 KETELBEY, Albert W THE WANDERER'S RETURN (Reverie). Bosworth (1924) pp4 (b&w decorative cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £12.00
329 KETELBEY, Albert W. IN A CHINESE TEMPLE GARDEN. Oriental Phantasy. Bosworth (1923) pp7 Coloured cover Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
330 KETELBEY, Albert W. IN A PERSIAN MARKET Intermezzo Scene. Bosworth (c) 1920 (a) This edition c.1925. Coloured cover (b) Another copy (1950's edition) coloured cover Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1691 KETELBEY, Albert W. SANCTUARY of the HEART Meditation Religieuse . Bosworth (1924) pp7 (Illustrated Music Cover by Fred Low) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
882 KETELBEY, Albert W. WEDGWOOD BLUE A Dance. Bosworth (1920) pp5. Decorative cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2766 KHACHATURIAN, A. WALTZ from 'MASQUERADE'. Piano Duet transcribed by Ken Straker. Boosey & Hawkes (1957) pp12 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1975 KHACHATURIAN, A. ARMENIAN DANCE (arr. Don Bowden). Hawkes (1952) pp5 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
364 KHACHATURIAN, Aram SABRE DANCE from Gayne Ballet Suite. Adapted and arranged for Piano Solo by Albert Marland. Chappell (1948) Piano//Ballet £2.00
246 KUHLAU KUHLAU. 6 SONATINAS Op.55 Ashdown Collection No.95 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
247 KURCHNER, F. FEUILLETS D'ALBUM Op.1000 No.1 Augener's Edition No.6197 sellotape repair Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
1960 LANGE, Gustav BLUMENLIED. Banks' Sixpenny Edition No.40 pp4 (with Violin and Cello parts) (cover sellotaped) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
3193 LANKOWSKI, Horst A WALK IN THE BLACK FOREST Piano Solo. April Music (1965) pp3 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
884 LARENNE, Lionel THE ENCHANTED ISLAND Suite Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd.(1923) Pictorial cover pp2-15 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1276 le CLERCQ, Jean CHANSON SLAVONIQUE. Paxton (1921) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
885 LEDUC, A. LA CHATELAINE. Orpheus Music. well-thumbed, cover almost detached Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1630 Leggett, Alfred THE KITTENS GAVOTTE. Beresford (n/d) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1938 LEHAR, Franz THE LAND OF SMILES Piano Selection. Chappell (1929/31) pp15 Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £6.00
331 LEONCAVALLO, R. Selection from PAGLIACCI arr. C.Godfrey. Ascherberg (1909) pp16 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
886 LEPAIGE, Chas. E. MON BIJOU (My Jewel) Valse. Feldman Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
887 LEWIS, Robert W. POLISH DANCE Beal, Stuttard & Co.(1924) Coloured illustrative cover 5pp Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
2499 LICHNER, Heinrich RONDO in C from Sonatina Op.49, No.1. The Modern Series No.5 (ed. G. Augustur Holmes and Frederick J. Karn). Beal, Studdard pp5 (sl. water stain on bottom joint, ow good) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
888 LIEBLING, Georg A LA WATTEAU Op.15 The Academic Edition No. 162 Hammond Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1983 LIND, Gustave SPRING TALES Suite for Piano. Augener (1918) pp20 (covers dusty) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1505 LIND, Gustave IN AN OLD WORLD CITY. A Suite for Pianoforte. Augener Album Series No.5 pp13 (1915) (coloured illustrated cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1619 LIND, Gustave WINTER SUITE for Piano. Augener Album Series No.9 (1919) pp17 (coloured illustrated cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
1654 LISZT, F. PAGANINI - STUDIES. Book II Nos 4 & 6 (ed. E. Dannreuther, 1899). Augener's Edition No. 6223B pp40-63 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1653 LISZT, F. ETUDES D'EXECUTION TRANSCENDANTE : No. 5 FEUX FOLLETS ed. Edward Dannreuther. Augener's Edition No. 5955 pp11 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
3099 LISZT, F. LIEBESTRAUM Nocturne. Arthur's Original Copyright Edition pp7 (n/d). Edited & fingered by Oscar Allon . With Violin Obligato ad lib.part Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1986 LOESCHHORN, A. PROGRESSIVE STUDIES for the PIANOFORTE Designd to perfect technique and execution (with Continental fingering). Augener's Edition No.6335 Book V. Op.66, Nos. 12-22 pp26-45 Piano//Learning//Piano Tutors £4.00
3155 LOEWE, Frederick MY FAIR LADY Piano Selection. Chappell (1956) pp15. Cover cast list included Rex Harrison & Julie Andrews Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £8.00
890 LOGAN, Frederic Knight (arr.) THE MISSOURI WALTZ From an original melody procured by John Valentine Eppel. Chappell (c) 1914 (1919) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1933 LUIGINI, Alexandre BALLET EGYPTIEN No.1 (arr. Ernest Reeves). United Music Publishers Ltd. Pages 19 Piano//Ballet £8.00
1971 LULLI, Arthur de CHOPSTICKS Waltz. Piano Duet. Mozart Allan pp5 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
525 MACBETH, Allan FORGET ME NOT? Intermezzo. Frail condition. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
3006 MACDOWELL, Edward SEA PIECES Op.55 Nos. 1-8. Green cloth with arts & crafts cover decoration. Elkin pp38 (1898), good condition Piano//Classical//Albums £25.00
893 MARCHETTI, F.D. FASCINATION Gipsy Valse. Liber (c) 1904 (1944) coloured cover pp4 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
894 MARTIN, Easthope EVENSONG Weekes (1911) pp6
another copy in F (Transposed) available @ £6.00 (large format, orange wraps with decorative cover)
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
526 MASCAGNI, Pietro INTERMEZZO from CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA Violin and Piano (with part) Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
2717 MASSENET, J. SCENES PITTORESQUES a deux mains. Fourth Suite : Marche; Air de Ballet; Angelus; Fete Boheme. Joseph Williams BERNERS EDTION No. 7997. New Edition, 1907 pp27 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
527 MATT, Albert E. AN EVENING RAMBLE Piano (cover missing) and violin solo part. Hawkes (1897) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £5.00
901 MAYERL, Billy WHITE HEATHER. Prowse (1932) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £8.00
896 MAYERL, Billy MARIGOLD Op.78. A Syncopated Impression for Piano. Keith Prowse (1927) (coloured cover loosely partly attached with sellotape) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1713 MAYERL, Billy CARMINETTA Chanson Espagnol. Keith, Prowse & Co. (1932) pp7 (cover autographed) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £50.00
1932 MAYO, Fred CHUMS March and Two-Step. Wharfedale Music (1925) pp4 (with parts for 1st Violin and Cello) Cinema Series No.38 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
352 MELODIE VERDIANE Album (piano and voice): Ernani, Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, La Traviata, Un Ballo in Maschera, La Forza del Destino, Aida, Falstaff. Ricordi (1947) pp44 Ex-Pub.Lib internal spine frail Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
353 MELODIES OF VERDI: Il Trovatore, Rigoletto and a complete selection of La Traviata. Banks (1938) Coloured cover Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1634 MENDELSSOHN EIGHT SELECTED SONGS WITHOUT WORDS ed. Wilson Manhire. The Grafton Edition No.12. Freeman (1928) pp20 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
2620 MENDELSSOHN LIEDER OHNE WORTE for the Pianoforte. Novello h/b pp102 (inscribed June 16 1896 (covers sl. worn, ow good copy) Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
528 MENDELSSOHN, F. ELIJAH Transcription for Violin & Piano by Henry Tolhurst. Swan Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £5.00
1427 MENDELSSOHN, F. VIOLIN CONCERTO Op. 64 in E minor. Schirmer's Vol. 235 pp28 (with Violin part) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £10.00
504 MENDELSSOHN, F. 1st Violin 44pp. Novello Instrument//Violin without Piano accompaniment £5.00
3112 MENDELSSOHN, F. LIEDER OHNE WORTE for the PIANOFORTE. Novello pp102 red cloth with gilt lettering, a.e.g. Piano//Classical//Albums £20.00
1520 MENDELSSOHN, F. SONGS WITHOUT WORDS. Critically revised with reference to Notation, Fingering and marks of Expression by H. Germer. Bosworth Edition No.11 pp131 (paper wraps with b&w portrait of the composer on cover). Piano//Classical//Albums £9.00
1497 MENDELSSOHN, F. ALLEGRO BRILLANT Op.92. Piano Duet. Augener's Edition No. 6971 pp23 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
300 MERIKANTO, Oscar FINNISH FOLK SONG Op.21 with Variations `Ala Itke Aitini Chester (1922) pp2-4 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1820 MEYERBEER SELECTION from LES HUGUENOTS arr. Oscar Verne. Paxton 1366 pp7 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
902 MEYER-HELMUND, Erik ALBUM of Six favourite Works Bosworth Edition Book 1. Edt No 183 (c) 1895 Cover detached pp 3-29 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1684 MOLLOY, J.L. LOVE'S OLD SWEET SONG Arranged for the Piano by W. Kuhe. Boosey pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
903 MONTAGUE, Ralph PETIT PAPILLONS Valse Caprice Beal Stuttard & Co. Ltd.(1924) Illustrative cover by W.George (sellotape repair) pp2-7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1728 MORE CLASSICS TO MODERNS MORE CLASSICS TO MODERNS (SECOND SERIES). A selection of original piano music exactly as written by the master composers of three centuries. The music provides the pianist with a repertoire which is enjoyable for player and listener alike. Compiled and edited by Denes Agay. No. 3. Works by Handel, B ...
Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
251 MOSZKOWSKI, Moritz SPANISCHE TANZE Op.12 Edition Peters No.2126 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
253 MOZART Eine kleine Nachtmusik Serenade K.V. 525 (Arr. Otto Singer) Edition Peters No. 3078 DUET Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1635 MOZART AIR with VARIATIONS in A ed. Adolphe Schloesser. Standard Classical Series No.117. Gould (n/d) pp13 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1735 MOZART, W.A. VIOLIN CONCERTO in D No.4 (Revised and Cadenzas by H. Wessely). Berners Edition No.180. Williams (1919). PIANO PART (covers detached): pp27; VIOLIN PART : pp13 Instrument//1st Violin & Piano Accomp £10.00
1811 MOZART, W.A. OVERTURE : FIGARO. Augener pp19 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
302 MOZART, W.A. PHANTASIE No.3 in D minor. K.397 Edited by Oscar Beringer. Augener (c) 1914 covers detached Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £1.00
303 MOZART, W.A. RONDO in A minor.K.511. Edited and fingered by Thomas F. Dunhill. Augener (c) 1917 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1287 NEWARK, Godfrey ROSES AND PEARLS. Five more Contrasts for Pianoforte. Schott (1916) pp25 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
905 NEWTON, W. AFTER THE BALL LANCERS. Miss Lizzie B. Raymond. Paxton Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
333 NICOLAI, Otto THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. PIANO DUET. Augener's Edition No. 6957 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1937 NORTON, Frederic CHU CHIN CHOW. A Musical Tale of the East. piANOFORTE Selection by Percy E. Fletcher.Keith, Prowse & Co. (1918) pp11 (sl. worn) Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £4.00
3177 NOVELLO, Ivor GAY’S THE WORD. Piano Selection by Felton Rapley (1950) pp11 Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £5.00
2687 OFFENBACH BARCAROLLE from THE TALES OF HOFFMANN arr. Thom. B. Shaw. Mozart Allan, Glasgow pp5 (with Violin part) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
496 OFFENBACH, J. Arr. Erik Hansen ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD Lafleur (1934) Instrument//Piano-Accordian £4.00
336 OFFENBACH, J. Selection from THE TALES OF HOFFMANN. With ad lib. violin & cello parts. Paxton (1931) pp7 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
335 OFFENBACH, J. BARCAROLLE from THE TALES OF HOFFMANN. With ad lib. violin & cello parts. (a) Paxton (1931) pp4 (b) Banks Sixpenny Edition No.190 (with violin and cello parts) (1935) pp6 (with Piano Accordion chords) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1918 OLD FAVOURITE DANCES OLD FAVOURITE DANCES No.1 with Full Music, Ukulele Arrangements and Dance Descriptions : Blue Danube Waltz; The Veleta; The Tin Gee-Gee; The Maxina; Burnham Beeches; Hearts of Oak; The Boston Two-Step; Harry Lauder Quadrilles; Prince Charming; Her Golden Hair; Sir Roger de Coverley. Francis, Day & Hunter (1900) pp48 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
334 O'NEILL, Norman MARY ROSE. Music to the play of J.M.Barrie: Preludes & Interludes for Piano. Schott (1920) pp15 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
339 OVERTURES A SELECTION OF THE MOST FAMOUS (22) including: La Cenerentola/ Le Chevalier Breton/ Cosi Fan Tutti/ La Couronne etc. The Fourth Star Folio of Pianoforte Music. Paxton 239pp Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
340 OVERTURES A SELECTION OF THE MOST FAMOUS (22) including: La Cenerentola/ Le Chevalier Breton/ Cosi Fan Tutti/ La Couronne etc. The Fourth Star Folio of Pianoforte Music. Paxton 239pp VIOLIN PART only Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
304 PADEREWSKI, I.J. MENUET IN G Great Masters Series No.18 Ashdown (1910) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
3012 PALMGREN, Selim VALSE CAPRICE (Light and Shade) Op.51 Nr.6. Hansen Edition No. 1854 (1919) pp9 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
2996 PALMGREN, Selim FINSKA RYTMER Skizzer for Piano Op. 31. Wilhelm Hansen Edition Nr. 1365 pp13 © 1911 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
3011 PALMGREN, Selim REFRAIN DE BERCEAU for Piano. Chester pp3 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1916 PATEY & WILLIS' DANCE ALBUM DANCE ALBUM No.9 : Ellaline Waltz; Spirit of Mirth Barn Dance; Shadow Dance; L'Amour Immortel Wz.; Grand Chain Cotillion; Touch Not Polka; Velnette Graceful Dance; The Spa Polka and Limited Mail Galop. Patey & Willis (1900) pp48 (very clean copy) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £10.00
3019 PEARSON, Johnny SLEEPY SHORES (theme from the BBC TV series OWNE M.D.) Piano Solo. Keith Prowse (1971) pp3 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
3018 PEARSON, Johnny ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. Piano Solo. EMI (1977) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1470 PIKE, Eleanor Franklin (Compiled and Arranged by) THE EASIEST TUNE BOOK OF COUNTRY DANCES. With Guitar symbols. Ashdown (1960) pp32 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
305 PLAYEL, J MENUETT IN C Wood (1926) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
531 PLAYING TOGETHER First Ensemble Pieces for Violins With Pianoforte Accompaniment. Arranged by Vincent Knight. Book 2: All Through the Night, Barbara Allen, Faithful Johnny, Blow Away the Morning Dew. Paxton (1951) With 1st and 2nd violin part Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
906 POLLARD, Harold JUANITA An Intermezzo Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. (1921) Coloured pictorial cover pp2-7 VG Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
365 PONCHIELLI, A. DANCE OF THE HOURS (from the opera La Gioconda)

(a) Easily arranged for Pianoforte. Paxton (1937) Illustrated cover (see Orchestral Parts - Ballet) @ £3.00

(b) SUITE DE BALLET arr. Mich'l Leslie. Ricordi (edition no. 120912) (illustrated music cover) (1928) pp13 @ £10.00
Piano//Ballet £3.00
1624 PRIDHAM, John THE BATTLE MARCH The Triumphant Entry Into Delhi. Paxton (n/d) pp8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
2609 PROVOST, Heinz INTERMEZZO (Souvenir de Vienne). Famous Violin Solo from the film 'ESCAPE TO HAPPINESS' starring Leslie Howard & Ingrid Bergman (film still in sepia on cover). PIANO TRANSCRIPTION Southern (1936) pp3 (sl. worn) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2580 PRYOR, Arthur THE WHISTLER AND HIS DOG. A Chappell Publication (modern procenium arch cover) (1905) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1434 PUCCINI, G. SELECTION from MADAM BUTTERFLY for Pianoforte by Charles Godfrey. Ricordi © 1907 pp19 + 1st Violin (Boosey's New Orchestral Journal : Orchestrated by Adolf Schmid) © 1906 pp7 Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £8.00
306 PURCELL, Henry SICILIANO and HORNPIPE. Arranged by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat. Cramer (c) 1928 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
532 RACHMANINOFF, S. PRELUDE in C. Piano Solo with violin & cello ad. lib. (parts intact) by Jean St. John. Banks (1929). Coloured cover. Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
1498 RACHMANINOFF, S. POLICHINELLE arr. Henry Geehl. Music for Two Pianos FOUR HANDS. Ashdown (1936) pp18 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
343 RAVEL, Maurice BOLERO. Transcription pour piano par Roger Branga. Durand S.A. Editions Musicales (c) 1929 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
908 RAWICZ, Maryan SPINNING WHEEL (Arr. Harry Ralton). Arcadia (1947) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
907 RAWICZ, Maryan SNOW-FLAKES. Arcadia (1947) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1949 RAYMOND, Percy MERRY BUSKERS Schottische or Barn Dance. Beal, Stuttard (1912) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
909 REBER, Carl REMEMBRANCE (Romance sans Paroles) Op.73. Bayley & Ferguson (1912) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
3013 REBIKOFF, W. TRISTESSE Etude musical-psychologique. Jurgenson, Moscou pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
910 REBIKOFF, W. AUTUMN THOUGHTS (Reveries d'Automne) 16 Short Pieces. Book II. Edited and fingered by Thomas F. Dunhill. Augener Album Series No. 33b (1915) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
2498 REDMAN, Reginald GOSSAMER for Piano. Ahdown pp6 (1922) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
891 REEVES, Ernest (arr.) LONDONDERRY AIR (Old Irish Melody) For the Pianoforte. Walsh, Holmes (1921) pp4 (lighly foxed) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
911 RICHARDS, Brinley WARBLINGS AT EVE Brilliant Morceau de Salon. Paxton n/d (working copy) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
912 RIDLEY, S. Claude CHARMIAN Mazurka de Salon Evans (1924) Decorative cover pp2-6 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1552 RIDLEY, S. Claude RING O'GNOMES A Merry Sketch. Ashdown pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
913 RIDLEY, S.C. RING O'FAIRIES A Merry Sketch. Evans pp7 coloured cover: dancing fairies Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £10.00
1275 RING, Montague T'CHAKA African Suite. Bosworth (1927) pp10 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
914 ROBINSON, Newton HOLLINGSIDE Variations on Dr. Dykes' Celebrated Hymn for the Pianoforte Arthur & Co. (1908) 5pp Back orange cover missing Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
915 ROLOFF, A. THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS March. (1928) Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. Pictorial cover (detached) pp2-7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1942 ROMBERG, Sigmund THE STUDENT PRINCE. Piano Selection (Selected and Arranged by H.M.Higgs). Chappell (1926) pp11 (some foxing) Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £3.00
548 ROSSE, Frederick Incidental Music to Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE for Arthur Bourchier's production of the play at the Garrick Theatre, London. Hawkes (1905). Decorative cover. Instrument//1st Violin & Piano Accomp £4.00
549 ROSSE, Frederick Incidental Music to Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE for Arthur Bourchier's production of the play at the Garrick Theatre, London. Hawkes (1905). Decorative cover. + 1st Violin (Conductor) Hawkes (1906) pp7 Instrument//1st Violin & Piano Accomp £6.00
344 ROSSE, Frederick Incidental to Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE for Arthur Bourchier's production of the play at the Garrick Theatre, London. Hawkes (1905) Decorative cover (neat sellotape repair to spine) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1950 ROSSINI, G. WILLIAM TELL Overture (arr. Geo. H. Farnell). Banks' Sixpenny Edition No.131 pp7 (with Violin and Cello parts) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
258 RUSSIAN MUSIC Composers: Catoire, Scriabin, Gliere, Goedicke, Zolotarev, Barmotin, Barmotin, Arensky. Educational Series of Russian Music in six progressive books. Selected and edited by Anne T. Weston. With an introduction to the study of Russian Music by Rosa Newmarch. Book V. - Difficult Pieces. Chester Series No. 10 (1917) Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
2754 SAEVERUD, Harald SLATTER OG STEV FRA "SILJUSTOL" Op. 22. Dances and country tunes for the piano. Volume 2. Musikk-Hunset, Oslo (1946) pp13 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £5.00
3010 SAINT-S'NS, Camille SIX ETUDES POUR LE PIANO Op.111. No.6. TOCCATA D’APRES LE 5th CONCERTO. Durand (1899) pp13 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
3005 SAINT-S'NS, Camille ALBUM POUR PIANO : No.3 TOCCATA. Op. 72. Durand, Paris pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1553 SAKER, Fred TRESOR D'AMOUR. A Reverie. Wright (1915) pp6 (coloured illustrative cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
534 SARASATE, Pablo de ZIGEUNERWEISEN Op.20 Simrock Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £4.00
259 SCARLATTI, Dominique 30 PIECES CHOISIES. Revised Edition by M.-J. Riss-Arbeau. Heugel 1924 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
3004 SCHLOZER, Paul de ETUDES DE CONCERT pour Piano. Op.1 No.2. Aug. Cranz pp11 Piano//Learning//Graded Exam/Studies incl.Theory £3.00
1967 SCHONBERGER, John WHISPERING Fox-Trot ( founded on Malvin & John Schonberger's popular song). Darewski (1920) pp3 (Illustrated Music Cover : neat magic tape repair to spine Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1636 SCHUBERT FIRST YEAR SCHUBERT : 18 Compositions ed. E. Markham Lee. Lengwick (1927/8) pp30 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
550 SCHUBERT, F. SYMPHONY IN B MINOR (UNFINISHED). Arr. by W.H.Myddleton. piano and 1st violin. Lafleur. (1917) Instrument//1st Violin & Piano Accomp £4.00
1449 SCHUBERT, F. SELECTED COMPOSITIONS OF MODERATE DIFFICULTY. Ashdown (1972) pp39 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
262 SCHUBERT, F. PIANO SONATAS: No.V in A min. Op.143. Revised, phrased and fingered by Franklin Taylor. Augener c.1912 pp22 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
New Instructive Edition by Theodor Wiehmayer. Verlag (c) 1913
Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
1455 SCHUBERT, F. IMPROMPTUS Op.90 ed. Frank Merrick. Associated Board pp46 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
2767 SCHUBERT-LISZT HARK! HARK! THE LARK. Arranged for TWO PIANOS by Elsie Horne. Murdoch (1933) pp8 (only one Piano part available) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1258 SCHUMANN, R. ETUDES SYMPHONIQUES Op.13. Revised, phrased and fingered by O.Thumer. Augener's Edition No. 8430 (no date) pp47 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £7.00
1621 SCHUMANN, Robert SCHUMANN ALBUM of CHILDREN'S PIECES for Piano. Withcolour illustrations by H. Willebeek Le Mair. Augener pp28 (n/d) Piano//Classical//Albums £20.00
263 SCHUMANN, Robert ALBUM FOR THE YOUNG Op.68. Album fur die Jugend. Edited and annotated by Howard Ferguson. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (1980) (See also Children's Music) Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
916 SCHURER, Leo. D. FIDDLESTICKS Jazz Two Step. Mozart Allan (1926) 4pp Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
917 SCHUTT, Edouard SCENES DE BAL Valse lente Op.17 No.2 Bosworth & Co. pp3-8 Decorative cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
308 SCOTT, Cyril DANSE NEGRE Opus 58, No.5 Elkin (1908) pp2-7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
242 SELECTED FIRST INTERMEZZO ALBUM. Pieces by Ketelbey, Tobani (`Hearts and Flowers'), Berche, Tellier, Byford, Bath, Arnold, Huyts, Kussner, Romanoff, Leiss, Short, Elliott Bosworth & Co. Ltd. (c)1919 (1931). pp62 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
270 SELECTED THUMER'S SONATINA SCHOOL Book V Elementary Grade : Kuhlau, Diabelli, Dussek, Laubach, Esipoff, Pauer, Schumann, Loeschhorn. Augener's Edition No. 5975 (1914) sellotape repair Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
267 SELECTED STEP BY STEP TO THE CLASSICS Book 6: Chopin, Paradies etc. Banks (c) 1936 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
243 SELECTED SECOND INTERMEZZO ALBUM. Pieces by Ketelbey, Squire, Tellier, Byford, Durand, Bath, Ancliffe, Meyer-Helmund, Elliott, Kussner, Aletter, Gabriel-Marie, Salcede Bosworth & Co. Ltd.(1925) pp60 Sellotape repair page 3 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
241 SELECTED THE HUNDRED BEST SHORT CLASSICS Book I ed. Whitemore. Paterson's (1927) pp30 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
240 SELECTED THE HIGHWAY OF PROGRESS for Pianoforte. Pieces by Bach, Scriabine, Beethoven, Arensky, Chopin, Eric H. Thiman, Schumann, Brahms.Grade VII. Associated Board no date Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
231 SELECTED GOLDEN HOURS of Easy Piano Pieces Book 2. Prowse (c) 1929 AS NEW Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
218 SELECTED CLASSICS. 101 Edited by Dr. Ralph Dunstan. Reid Bros Ltd. (1927). Paper cover, back torn - spine peeling. pp157 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
217 SELECTED CLASSICAL BYPATHS. A graded anthology of keyboard works by composers of the 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries. Book 4 Lower - Higher. Edited by Ernest Haywood. Prowse no date VG Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
266 SELECTED STEP BY STEP TO THE CLASSICS (a) Book 4: Bach, Chopin etc. Banks (c) 1936 Piano//Classical//Albums £3.00
545 SET OF COUNTRY DANCES (arr. S.V.Balfour). Hawkes Instrument//1st Violin & Piano Accomp £3.00
1239 SHARP, Cecil COUNTRY DANCE TUNES Set I (Revised Edition) Pianoforte Solo. Novello (1909) pp14 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
309 SIBELIUS, Jean VALSE TRISTE Op.44 Edition Breitkopf Nr.2224 (1904/32) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
537 SIMPLE STRING PIECES by Margaret Sutherland and Esther Rofe. A set of 12 short string quartets for early grade class work. 2nd violin and cello parts only + score. J.Albert Edition (Australia) No.70 (1969) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
311 SINDING, Christian (b) RUSTLE OF SPRING Op.32 No.3. Peters Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
310 SINDING, Christian MARCHE GROTESQUE Op.32 No.1 Edition Peters No, 2974a (c) 1896 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
3178 SLADE, Julian SALAD DAYS Easy to Play Piano Arrangements – With Words. Francis, Day & Hunter (1954/1963) pp16 Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £4.00
1554 SLATER, David Dick FAIRY DANCE Danse Feerique. Harris (1917) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1555 SNOWDON, William FORGET-ME-NOTS. Entracte. Harison, Halifax (1917) pp4 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1686 SOMERS, Debroy arr. LAWRENCE WRIGHT'S FIRST ALBUM OF ORIGINAL SAVOY ORPHEANS MEDLEYS containing MEDLEYS of : ENGLISH; AMERICAN; SCOTTISH, WELSH, IRISH; MEDLEY OF MEDLEYS. Lawrence Wright (1924) pp35 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
919 SOUSA ON PARADE Selection for Piano by King Palmer. Paxton (1938). Coloured cover. Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
1556 SPROSTON, Albert MOON MAGIC Waltz. West's (1920) pp5 (illustrated cover panel) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
538 STANDFORD, Patric HOLIDAY MEMORIES for elementary string trio (2 violins & cello). Score + Violin 2 and cello only. Middle Eight Music Ltd. (1979) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
1215 STANLEY, Gerald WOODLAND WHISPERS. Waltzes for Pianoforte (decorative cover). Paxton (undated) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
1609 STAUSS, Johann STRAUSS' FAMOUS WALTZES arr. Ernest Haywood. Keith Prowse © 1931 pp64
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
1951 STEELE, Edyth (GUSTAV KRENKEL) MANTILLA Valse Espagnole for Piano (insrcibed by the composer Gustav Krenkel). Hammond (1929) pp6 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £15.00
268 STRAUSS WALTZES Book I Novello Edition VG Piano//Classical//Albums £7.00
269 STRAUSS WALTZ MEDLEY. Arranged by Ernie Stanton Banks Gem No.79 (1938) With Piano Accordian. Coloured pictorial cover pp2-15 Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
1984 STRAUSS GEMS OF STRAUSS Worlds Famous Waltzes easily arranged. Banks (1933) pp23. Gem Series Book 9. Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
313 STRAUSS, J. BLUE DANUBE WALTZ Paxton Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1567 STRAUSS, Johann JOHANN STRAUSS' FAMOUS WALTZES Containing : Blue Danube; Voices of Spring; Wine, Women and Song; Artist's Life; Morgenblatter; Thousand and One Nights; Wiener Blut. Prowse (1931) pp64 (cover grubby) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1253 STRAUSS, Johann DIE FLEDERMAUS (The Bat) Overture for Piano. Op. 367. Schott pp11 (undated) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
312 STRAUSS, Johann THE ARTIST'S LIFE Waltzes + Violin/Cello. Banks (1931) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1612 STRAUSS, Johann TALES FROM THE VIENNA WOODS Waltzes arr. Geo. H. Farnell. Banks (1931) pp10 (with Violin and 'Cello parts) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1557 STRELEZKI, Anton (a) DREAM PICTURES (Traumbilder) Op.18. Donajowski pp7
(b) SALTARELLO Danza Napolitana Op.18. Donajowski pp7
@ £5.00 each
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
346 SUPPE, Franz von. BANDITENSTREICHE Overture. Hawkes n/d pp11 + 1st Violin (Conductor)
part. Hawkes pp4
Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £5.00
921 TANGOS The First Album for piano. Selected by Victor Silvester. Dix (1937) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
314 TELEMANN BOURREE Arranged by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat. Cramer (1937) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
922 TELLIER, A PLAINTE D'AMOUR Melodie in A Bosworth & Co. (c) 1898 (1918) pp2-3 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1558 TELMA, Maurice ITALIAN FLOWER DANCE. Larway (1900) pp7 (coloured illustrative cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
923 TETLOW, Reuben (Arr.) BONAPARTES'- GRAND MARCH. Paxton Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
2263 THE FOURTH STAR FOLIO OF PIANOFORTE MUSIC A Selection of the Most Famous Overtures (22) (a) PIANO only @ £12.00 VG (b) PIANO & VIOLIN PART @ £8.00. Paxton. The Fourth Star Folio of Pianoforte Music pp239 Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £12.00
1987 THE HUNDRED BEST SHORT CLASSICS THE HUNDRED BEST SHORT CLASSICS for the Pianoforte. Book 5. Edited by Harold Samuel. Paterson's Publications (1927) pp28 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1213 THE STANDARD SERIES Book 11 PIANOFORTE DUETS: Minuet in G by Beethoven etc. Keith Prowse &
Co. (1936) pp63
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1791 Thomas, Ambroise SELECTION from MIGNON (Ambroise Thomas) by Oscar Verne. Paxton 1382 pp7 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1559 THOMPSON, Bothwell ISABEL Graceful Dance. Schott (1917) pp8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
2501 THORNTON, Robert S. FREDDIE FROG'S FROLIC Humoresque for Piano. Beal, Stuttard (1934) pp5 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
925 THORNTON, Robert S. LIGHTHEART A Caprice. Beal Stuttard (1930) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
926 THORNTON, Robert S. RED POPPIES Intermezzo. Beal, Stuttard & Co. (1928) pp5 decorative coloured cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1588 THOSE WERE THE DAYS THOSE WERE THE DAYS : a collection of those wonderful Old Time Dances: Those Were the Days (with the well-known words) based on the famous `Pas de Quartre' by Meyer Lutz arr. Anthony Howard. Words by Edith Temple - Barn dance or Schottische; BRIC-A-BRAC by Charles Coote Jnr. - Polka; THE ROYAL COTIL ...
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £10.00
927 THURBAN, T.W. AMERICANA SUITE Boosey (1906) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
928 THURBAN, T.W. AN ORIENTAL SUITE Banks & Son (1924) Banks Edition Book 76. Coloured cover pp2-11 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2553 TOYE, Geoffrey THE HAUNTED BALLROOM. Transcribed for Piano by Reginald King. Peter Maurice Music (1935/42) (from the Sadler's Wells ballet) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
347 TSCHAIKOVSKY 1812 OVERTURE with violin & cello ad. lib. Arranged by Geo. H. Farnell Banks's Sixpenny Edition No.170 (1932) (parts intact) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
373 TSCHAIKOVSKY, P. THE SWAN LAKE Suite from the Ballet arr. King Palmer. Simplified Edition. Paxton (1947) pp17 (coloured cover) Piano//Ballet £4.00
271 TSCHAIKOVSKY, P. CASSE-NOISETTE SUITE arr. as DUETS by Edwin Evans from the Full Score. Reeves (n/d) pp75, olive boards, VG Piano//Classical//Albums £20.00
349 TSCHAIKOVSKY, P. Opening Theme from PIANO CONCERTO No.1 Leonard, Gould & Bolttler (1942) (arranged by King Palmer). Paxton (1942) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
348 TSCHAIKOVSKY, P. Opening Theme from PIANO CONCERTO No.1 Leonard, Gould & Bolttler (1942) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
540 TSCHAIKOWSKY CONCERT Op.35. Eulenburg pp47 (covers detached) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £8.00
315 TSCHAIKOWSKY TROIKA Op.37a, No.11. Ed. Marmaduke Barton. Associated Board: Classical and Standard Pianoforte Music in separate editions from the Syllabuses of The Royal Schools of Music. Grade VIII (Final) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
367 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. CASSE-NOISETTE. Transcribed for Piano Solo by G.H.Clutsam. Ashdown (c) 1901 coloured decorative panel Piano//Ballet £5.00
1280 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. NUT-CRACKER Suite (Fantasia) Simplified Edition. Paxton (1943) pp19 (worn) Piano//Ballet £2.00
366 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. THE NUT-CRACKER. Excerpts arranged for Piano Solo by Granville Bantock. Paxton (1944) pp16 (colour cover) Piano//Ballet £5.00
369 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. CASSE-NOISETTE SUITE arr. as DUETS by Edwin Evans from the Full Score. Reeves (n/d) pp75, olive boards, VG Piano//Ballet £20.00
370 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. SELECTED MELODIES FROM THE SWAN LAKE. Arranged by Henry Geel. Ashdown (1943). Coloured cover Piano//Ballet £4.00
368 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. VALSE DE FLEURS (arr. Geo. H. Farnell) Piano Solo with Violin & Cello. Banks Ed. No.154 (1931) pp8 (with parts on decorated wraps) Piano//Ballet £5.00
371 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. THE SWAN LAKE WALTZ.Paxton (1942) Piano//Ballet £2.00
372 TSHAIKOVSKY, P. THE SWAN LAKE : Selection arr. King Palmer. Paxton (1944) pp4 Piano//Ballet £2.00
1632 VARIOUS STEP by STEP to the CLASSICS. Book 2. Selected & Annotated by Felx Swinstead. Banks Edition No. 216 (1936) pp28 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
1243 Various HAWKES' NEW MARCH ALBUM Containing Eight New and Popular Marches for PIANO SOLO. Hawkes & Son (1929) pp32 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £8.00
1282 VAUGHAN, Hilary GARDEN PICTURES Suite for Piano. Evans (1922) pp14 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1792 VERDI SELECTION from Verdi's Opera LA TRAVIATA by Oscar Verne. Paxton 1294 pp7 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
351 VERDI, G. Favourite Airs from LA TRAVIATA Arranged for Two Performers on the Pianoforte by William Hutchins Callicott. Cramer, Beal & Co. (1853) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
350 VERDI, G. IL TROVATORE: The Gipsy Duet HOME TO OUR MOUNTAINS. Arr. Charles W. Glover. English words Charles Jeffries. Lawrence Wright (c.1912) pp5 stitched Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1584 Verdi, G. LA TRAVIATA Fantaisie sur l'opera de Verdi pour piano by F.Scarsbrrok. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp5 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1772 VICTOR ALBUM The Victor March Album for Piano. Bayley & Ferguson pp48 Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
1773 VICTOR FOLIO The Victor Folio Piano Music. Bayley & Ferguson pp224 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
536 VIOLIN SIGHT READING PIECES Book 1. Associated Board (1948) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £1.00
542 VIVALDI, Antonio INTERMEZZO From the Concerto grosso in D minor Transcribed by Sam Franko For Violin (or Viola) and Piano.With Violin and Piano parts. Chappell (c) 1923 Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
1265 VOLLSTEDT, Robert The Famous JOLLY BROTHERS (Lustige Bruder) WALTZ. With Words by Edward Lisbona & Thomas Connor. British Standard Music (undated - possibly 1920's) (illustrated cover) pp10 VG Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £8.00
1790 Von Suppe SELECTION from Suppe's Opera LIGHT CAVALRY for the Piano by Oscar Verne.Paxton 1356 pp7 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
316 WACHS, Paul Paul CAPRICANTE Marche de Concert Enoch & Sons Ltd. (1924) pp2-7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
2004 WADE, T.F. (arr.) THE GUARDS' BRIGADE MARCH ALBUM. These Marches are Suitable for the use of Schools, Physical Culture Classes, Scouts, Girl Guides etc. Fourth Standard Piano Album. Darewski (1902) pp24 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
357 WAGNER TANNHAUSER. Arr. Pascal Needham. Words adapted by P.Stafford. Cassell's Operatic Selections No.12. Pitman Hart Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
355 WAGNER LOHENGRIN. Preludes to Act I and IV; Bridal Chorus; Elsa's Dream; Lohengrin's Farewell. Story of Lohengrin. Cassell's Operatic Selections No.13 pp23 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1429 WAGNER, R. LOHENGRIN Operatic Fantasis for Violin and Piano by E. Davidson Palmer. Williams pp13 (with Violin part) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £10.00
1500 WAGNER, Richard MARCHE DE PAIX from RIENZI . Augener's Edition No. 6675A. 2 PIANOS, 8 HANDS (with separate PIANO II part) pp9 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3195 WALDTEUFEL, Emile LES PATINEURS The Skaters' Waltz. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew pp11
cover loose
Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £6.00
1430 WALLACE, W. Vincent MARITANA Fantasia for Violin and Piano arr. By Henry Farmer. Williams pp11 (with Violin part) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £10.00
2917 WALLACE, W. VINCENT THE VESPER HYMN Transcribed for the Piano Forte (embossed stamp 13 October 1865). Cocks pp9 ex-album VG Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £20.00
1560 WALTON, Albert E. LITTLE DAMASK ROSE. Intermezzo. Bosworth (1926) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
2577 WALTON, William POPULAR SONG from FAÇADE Arranged for Pianoforte Duet. OUP (1938/66) pp7. Arranged for four hands by Constant Lambert. Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1583 WEBER OBERON Fantaisie sur l'opera de Weber pour piano by F.Scarsbrrok. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp5 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3101 WEBER, C.M. OBERON Operatic Fantasia by Carl Hemann. Banks, York (1925) pp8 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1519 WEBER, C.M. von OUVERTUREN FOR Piano Solo by Hugo Ulrich : TURANDOT ; PETER SCHMLL; SYLVANA; ABU HASSAN; RUBEZAHL; PRECIOSA; JUBEL-OUVERTURE; DER FREISCHUTZ; EURYANTHE; OBERON. Peters pp64 (inscribed 2 July 1889) red cloth with gilt lettering (the `W' of Weber rubbed) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3000 WEBER, C.M. von MOTO PERPERTUO. Op.24. Annotated and fingered by Felix Swinstead. The Mayfair Classics. Murdoch, Murdoch & Co. pp11 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
932 WILLIAMS, Charles THE DREAM OF OLWEN Theme from the film WHILE I LIVE. Wright (1947) pp8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
543 WILLIAMS, Sidney LELIA Song without words for Violin and Pianoforte. Very frail. Swan Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £2.00
933 WINSTONE, Eric STAGE COACH Modern Composition for Piano. Campbell, Connelly (1941) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
1562 WOOD, Gladys A. (arr.) MY LADY'S MINUET An Old-Time Melody. Walsh Holmes (1927) pp6 (coloured illustrative cameo on cover by W. George) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1952 WOOD, Sam B> THE GOLDEN BUTTERFLY Lullaby Valse. Banks (1912) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
937 WOODFORDE-FINDEN, Amy FOUR INDIAN LOVE LYRICS from The Garden of Kama by Laurence Hope. Arranged for the Pianoforte by the Composer. Boosey (1913) with the lyrics pencilled in (VG copy) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
936 WOODFORDE-FINDEN, Amy FOUR INDIAN LOVE LYRICS from The Garden of Kama by Laurence Hope. Arranged for the Pianoforte by the Composer. Boosey (1913) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1522 WORLD FAMOUS BALLET MUSIC WORLD FAMOUS BALLET MUSIC Book 1 : COPPELIA by Delibes; DANCE OF THE HOURS (La Gioconda) by Ponchielli; LES SYLPHIDES by Chopin; MIGNON by Thomas; ROSAMUNDE by Schubert; SPECTRE DE LA ROSE by Weber and THE SWAN LAKE by Tschaikowsky. Paxton ((1948) pp56 (with b&w photos.) (outer colour wraps detached) ow good Piano//Ballet £5.00
2997 YRADIER, S. de LA PALOMA Spanish Serenade. Standard Piano Solos. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp4 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
3183 Zalva, Geo. L. BAMBI SELECTION from the Walt Disney Full Length Feature Film arr. Geo. L. Zalva. (1942) pp8 VG (original artwork cover) Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £15.00
938 ZIEHRER, C.M. WIENER BURGER Waltzler. Op.419. Hawkes n/d Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
532 records found.