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1795 .BLISS, Arthur MORNING HEROES. A Symphony for Orator, Chorus and Orchestra. Novello's Original Octavo Edition (1930) pp105 (paper wraps worn and loose ow good) Vocal//Choral//Secular £7.50
2718 BEETHOVEN THE CHORAL FANTASIA. Novello Cat. No. 07 0046 00 (1964) pp22. Final section with English words by Robert Elkin Vocal//Choral//Secular £3.00
1800 BRAHMS, J. A SONG OF DESTINY (Schicksalslied). Translated from the German of Friedrich Holderlin by the Rev. J. Troutbeck. Novello's Original Octavo Edition (1904) pp20 Vocal//Choral//Secular £5.00
2206 BRIDGE, Frank PETER PIPER Unaccompanied part song for three equal voices. Winthrop Rogers Edition (1916) Boosey & Hawkes pp6 Vocal//Choral//Secular £2.00
2758 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR HIAWATHA'S WEDDING FEAST A Cantata for Solo, Chorus, and Orchestra. The words written by H.W. Longfellow. Arranged for S.S.A.A by H.A.Chambers. Novello's Original Octavo Edition (11934) (decorative cover by Elizabeth) pp58 Vocal//Choral//Secular £6.00
2703 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. A TALE OF OLD JAPAN. A Cantata for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra. The Poem by Alfred Noyes. Novello's Original Octavo Edition (1912) pp99; red cloth, a.e.g.
paper wraps edition (April 1928) @ £10.00
Vocal//Choral//Secular £15.00
455 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. HIAWATHA'S WEDDING FEAST. A Cantata for Tenor solo, Chorus, and Orchestra. Novello's Original Octavo Edition (c) 1898 paper covers worn Vocal//Choral//Secular £4.00
454 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S. HIAWATHA Op.30, No.1). Novello's Original Octavo Edition. Paper boards: discoloured. Vocal//Choral//Secular £5.00
2745 COWEN, Frederic H. SLEEPING BEAUTY A Cantata in a Prologue of Four Scenes. Poem by Francis Hueffer. Composed expressly for the Birmingham Festival, August, 1885. Novello's Original Octavo Edition pp128 (paper boards - cover dull, ow good). Handwritten note on rear flyleaf: "Wed: before Concert with Cowen at Y.M.C.A." Vocal//Choral//Secular £10.00
3017 DVORAK, A THE SPECTRE’S BRIDE Op. 69. A Dramatic Cantata written by K.J.Erben. Pianoforte accompaniment arr. Heinrich von Kaan. English version by Rev. Dr. Troutbeck. Novello’s Original Octavo Edition (1885), paper boards, pp193 (printed date 1/3/1908) Vocal//Choral//Secular £20.00
1799 GARDINER, H. Balfour NEWS FROM WHYDAH. Ballad for Chorus and Orchestra. Novello's Original Octavo Edition (1912) pp15 (paper wraps worn, ow good) Vocal//Choral//Secular £6.00
2999 HANDEL JUDAS MACCABAEUS An Oratorio in Vocal Score. Composed in the year 1746. Edited, and the Pianoforte Accompaniment arranged by Vincent Novello. Novello (unevenly faded - especially back board - dull scarlet cloth boards with gilt lettering on spine (faded) and front board) pp186. Presentation copy dated June 1890 Vocal//Choral//Secular £6.00
1361 HANDEL, G.F. SEMELE A secular oratorio for soprano, two altos, tenor & bass soli, SATB & orch. CONCERT EDITION adapted from the complete edition of Ebenezer Prout. Novello pp128, paper wraps (college stamps) VG x 3 @ £7.00 each Vocal//Choral//Secular £7.00
406 HANDEL, G.F. ACIS & GALATEA ed. Joseph Barnby. Novello's octavo pp103
Also paperback revised edition by Watkins Shaw, 1974 pp105 @ £8.00 (NEW)
Vocal//Choral//Secular £8.00
2183 HAYES, Mark (arr.) SWINGIN' WITH THE SAINTS. S.A.B. Shawnee D-367 & A-1637 (1987) pp15 x 26 copies available @ £2.00 each Vocal//Choral//Secular £2.00
1798 HOLST, Gustav ODE ON A GRECIAN URN. Slow Movement from the First Choral Symphony. The Poem by John Keats. Op.41. Novello's Original Octavo Edition (1925) pp47 Vocal//Choral//Secular £6.00
3138 JENKINS, Karl THE ARMED MAN : A Mass For Peace. Complete Vocal Score : SATB and piano. Boosey & Hawkes pp122 (2003) (laminated wraps) Vocal//Choral//Secular £6.00
1209 MACKENZIE, A.C. JASON. Op.26 A Dramatic Cantata. Novello pp169 Scarlet cloth, gilt
lettering (faded, staining to bottom front and back boards). a.e.g. Ex-
Trinity College of Music Library, London, contents VG
Vocal//Choral//Secular £20.00
1210 MACKENZIE, A.C. THE DREAM OF JUBAL. Op.41. A Poem with Music. Novello pp115 Scarlet
cloth, gilt lettering (unevenly faded), a.e.g. Ex- Trinity College of
Music Library, London, contents VG
Vocal//Choral//Secular £20.00
2239 MORLEY, T. THIS LOVE IS BUT A WANTON FIT (`Dyw Cariad Ddim Ond Ffit Fach Wan). Canzonet for S.S.A. or T.T.B. Arr. W.S.Gwynn Williams. 1, Anon.; 2, Sir H.I. Bell. Y Cyfieithiad Cymr'g gan John Eilian. The Gwynn Publishing Co., Llangollen, N. Wales 2060 (1957) pp2 Vocal//Choral//Secular £1.00
689 MORNINGTON HERE, IN COOL GROT AND MOSSY CELL. Music by Earl of Mornington. Arranged for choir by Henry Leslie. No.6 Vocal//Choral//Secular £2.00
694 NOVELLO'S STANDARD GLEE BOOK WHEN WINDS BREATHE SOFT by S.Webber/ BREATHE SOFT, YE WINDS by W. Paxton. Nos. 11 & 12. 2 copies available Vocal//Choral//Secular £1.00
693 NOVELLO'S STANDARD GLEE BOOK HAIL, SMILING MORN by Spofforth/SIGH NO MORE, LADIES BY R.J.S.Stevens. Nos. 9 & 10. 18 copies available (frail) Vocal//Choral//Secular £1.00
3121 ORFF, Carl Vom Fruhjahr, Oltank und vom Fliegen (On Spring, on Oiltank and on Flying). Kantate. Partitur Edition Schott 6023 (1932/ New version : 1968) pp40 Vocal//Choral//Secular £10.00
3115 ORFF, Carl CATULLI CARMINA Ludi scaenici. Partitura. Edition Schott 4565 pp76 (1955) (as new) Vocal//Choral//Secular £20.00
3108 ORFF, Carl CARMINA BURANA. Vocal Score. Edition Schott Nr. 2877 pp88 (1937/1965) (3 copies available) Vocal//Choral//Secular £10.00
3116 ORFF, Carl II. DER GUTE MENSCH (The noble man). Kantate. Partitur Edition Schott 6021 (1931/1959/ New version: 1968) pp46 (paper wraps sl. worn) Vocal//Choral//Secular £10.00
3117 ORFF, Carl I. VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS Kantata. Partitur. Edition Schott 6020 (1931/1959/ New version: 1968) pp83 (paper wraps sl. worn) Vocal//Choral//Secular £15.00
3118 ORFF, Carl III. FREMDE SIND WIR (Strangers sind wir). Partitur. Edition Schott 6022 (1932/ New version: 1968) pp16 (paper wraps) Vocal//Choral//Secular £10.00
3120 ORFF, Carl DE TEMPORUM FINE COMOEDIA Das Spiel vom Ende der Zeiten. VIGILIA. Studien-Partitur Edition Schott 5407 (1974) pp192 Vocal//Choral//Secular £25.00
2980 ORFF, Carl CARMINA BURANA. Schott Edition 2877 (1965) pp88 (spine strip missing, worn, but ow good). College stamps Vocal//Choral//Secular £6.00
3119 ORFF, Carl TRIONFO DI AFRODITE Concerto scenico. Partitura. Edition Schott 4566 (1952) pp176 Vocal//Choral//Secular £10.00
3107 ORFF, Carl CARMINA BURANA. "This edition is accompanied by two pianos, timpani and percussion and is meant for production in schools and music societies who have no orchestra" (1956). Schott Edition 4920 pp142 (2 copies available @ £10.00 each) Vocal//Choral//Secular £10.00
3114 ORFF, Carl ANTIGONAE Studien-Partitur Edition Schott 5025 (1959) pp334 (paper wraps sl. worn) Vocal//Choral//Secular £15.00
3021 PARRY, C. Hubert BLEST PAIR OF SIRENS (1887) (At a Solemn Music). Ode by Milton, Set to Music for Eight-Part Chorus and Orchestra. Full Score (original edition, with markings) pp40 paper boards; Parts : Flauti; Oboi; Clarinetti in B-flat; Fagotti; Contra Fagotto; Corni I & II; Corni III & IV; Trombe I & II; Trombe I ...
Vocal//Choral//Secular £100.00
2651 PAUL, S.T. THE RALLY Chorus for Soprano, Alto and Bass. Fischer , N.Y. U.S.A. PATRIOTIC MUSIC (1909) pp7 (5 copies available : some edges stained, ow good) @ £2.00 each Vocal//Choral//Secular £2.00
1368 PURCELL, H. COME YE SONS OF ART (Ode for the Birthday of Queen Mary, 1694). Edited by Mich'l Tippett and Walter Bergmann. Schott
(a) FULL SCORE in miniature. Edition Schott No. 10302 pp 51(college stamp) @ £6.00
(b) Vocal Score. Edition 10302 (1971) pp42, paper wraps (college stamps) x 9 @ £4.00 each
( ...
Vocal//Choral//Secular £4.00
2650 WILSON, Robt. H. TRAMP, TRAMP Vacation Song for Soprano, Alto & Bass. Words & Music by Robt. H. Wilson. Fischer Octavo Edition, N.Y. U.S.A. pp10 (1910) (10 copies available : covers detached) @ 1.00 each Vocal//Choral//Secular £1.00
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