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2518 BEETHOVEN, CHOPIN, GRIEG, RACKMANINOFF, TCH'SKY TWO-PIANO SCORES : Two Pianos, Four Hands (In Score)(a) BEETHOVEN Op.15 Concerto No.I in C major For the Piano (F.Kullak) Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Vo.621pp81(1901/1929)(b) BEETHOVEN Op.19 Concerto No.II in B-flat major For the Piano (F.Kullak) Schirmer's Library of Musical ...
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
30 CHOPIN CHOPIN'S LETTERS Collected by Henryk Opienski. Translated from the original Polish and French with a Preface and Editorial notes by E.L.Voynich. U.S.A. Harmsworth (1932) pp420 VG Books//Books £12.00
27 CHOPIN by J.Cuthbert Hadden. The Master Musicians, Dent (1903) pp248 Books//Books £15.00
28 CHOPIN by Arthur Hedley. The Master Musicians ed. Blom. Dent (1953 3rd imp.) pp214 d/w, VG Books//Books £6.00
31 CHOPIN A Day With by M.C.Gillington (5 colour plates by Norman Price). Hodder & Stoughton pp47 Books//Books £5.00
1734 CHOPIN PRELUDES Complete Piano Works. Revised by C.Klindworth and X. Scharwenka. Popular Edition pp633-674 green cloth Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1642 CHOPIN BALLADEN UND IMPROMPTUS (Ballads and Impromtus). (Herrmann Scholtz - Bronislaw v. Pozniak) Edition Peters Nr. 1905 (1948) pp82 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
1919 CHOPIN TRISTESSE Op.10, No.3. The Famous Study easily arranged for Piano by Peter Kane. Paxton (1942) pp4 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1650 CHOPIN PRELUDE Op. 28 No.15. Freeman Grafton Classics No.37 (1933) pp5 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1647 CHOPIN WALTZ : Op. 64 No.1 in D-flat major. Banks pp5 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
1648 CHOPIN WALTZ : Op. 69 No.2 in B minor. Augener (1952) Klindworth - Scharwenka Edition pp4 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1649 CHOPIN POLONAISE Op. 26 No.1. Ashdown pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
1646 CHOPIN VARIOUS WORKS : Barcarole Op. 60 in F-sharp. Augener Klindworth - Scharwenka Edition pp805 - 814 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1645 CHOPIN PIANO SONATAS Grande Sonate Op.4. Revised, phrased and fingered by Carl Klindworth. The Final revise by Xaver Scharwenka. Augener pp675 - 700 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £8.00
1644 CHOPIN NOCTURNES Op. 37 No.2 in G major. Augener Klindworth - Scharwenka Edition pp306-10 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £0.00
1913 CHOPIN MARCHE FUNEBRE Op.35 (from Sonata in B-flat minor, Op.35). Edited and Fingered by Allan W. Bunney. Freeman (1936) Grafton Classics No.78 pp7 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1671 CHOPIN GEMS OF CHOPIN arr. Geo. H. Farnell. Gems Series Book 11. Banks (1933) pp19 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1906 CHOPIN (arr. Louis Ree) WALTZ IN D-FLAT : TWO PIANOS - FOUR HANDS. Chappell (1939/43) pp4 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1812 CHOPIN, F WALTZES Grande valse brillante Op.18; Valse brillante Op.34, No.1; Valse brillante Op.34, No.2; Valse brillante Op.34, No.3; Valse Op.42; Valse Op.64, No.1; Valse Op.64, No.2; Valse Op.64, No.3; Valse Op.69, No.1; Valse Op.69, No.2; Valse Op.70, No.1; Valse Op. posth. Blackburn Edition, Leeds pp60 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
216 CHOPIN, F. STUDIES Op.10/Op.25 + Trois Nouvelles Etudes. Augener's Complete Piano Works Ed. Nos. 6078 (a) & (b) red cloth pp531-632 Piano//Classical//Albums £10.00
1483 CHOPIN, F. 27 ETUDES Op. 10 - Op. 25 and 3 New Etudes. Edition Wood No. 410 pp115 Piano//Classical//Albums £8.00
29 CHOPIN, Frederic By Wakeling Dry. The Music of the Masters. Bodley Head (1926 1st) Books//Books £5.00
358 CHOPIN,F. LES SYLPHIDES Op.28, No.7 A Romantic Reverie in One Act by Michel Fokine. Paxton (1941) Photo of Covent Garden Production on coloured pictorial cover Piano//Ballet £4.00
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