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1781 ELGAR ELGAR. HIS LIFE AND WORKS by Basil Maine. THE WORKS vii + pp323 dark blue cloth. Bell (1933) Books//Books £20.00
1161 Elgar EDWARD ELGAR His Life and Music by Diana M. McVeagh. Dent (1955) pp260 d/w (sl. scuffed) Books//Books £10.00
56 ELGAR MY FRIENDS PICTURED WITHIN Opus 36 The subjects of the Enigma Variations as portrayed in contemporary photos. and Elgar's manuscript. Novello booklet (n/d) Books//Books £20.00
51 ELGAR HIS LIFE AND WORKS by Basil Maine. Bell pp287 (1933) Ex-Pub.Lib brown cloth VG+ Books//Books £15.00
2944 ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS. Novello Full Score pp212 (a) paper wraps, good condition @ £15.00 (b) College stamps, paper wraps and spine strip worn, ow contents good @ £10.00 Orchestral//Full Score £15.00
2958 ELGAR ENIGMA VARIATIONS Novello miniature Score pp128. College stamps Orchestral//Miniature Scores £4.00
2748 ELGAR LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY. S.A.T.B. Words by Arthur C. Benson. Music by Edward Elgar, arranged by Arthur Fagge. Boosey (1914) pp15 Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £2.99
3036 ELGAR, E. AN ELGAR COMPANION Edited by Christopher Redwood.Sequoia Publishing (1982) pp311. ISBN 0 86190 024 3 (a few neat college stamps) VG with d/w Books//Books £10.00
1786 ELGAR, E. The Elgar Society Journal

November 2004 Vol. 13, No.6
March 2005 Vol. 14, No.1
July 2005 Vol.14, No.2
November 2005 Vol. 14, No.3
March 2006 Vol. 14, No.4
£3.00 each

The Elgar Society News

No.23 - July 2004
No.24 - November 2004
No.25 - March 2005
No.26 - ...
Books//Books £3.00
3156 ELGAR, E. THE WAND OF YOUTH (First Suite). Pianoforte Solo. Novello (1907 : July, 1923) pp28 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
567 ELGAR, E. SABBATH MORNING AT SEA Song from SEA-PICTURES No.1 in Bb. A Cycle of Five Songs for Contralto Op.37 No.3. The words from a poem by Mrs Browning. Boosey (1899) Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £4.00
564 ELGAR, E. FROM THE BAVARIAN HIGHLANDS Op.27. Six Choral Songs (S.A.T.B.) with accompaniment for piano (or orchestra). Words C.Alice Elgar. Williams (c) 1901 pp63 paper covers VG Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £6.00
568 ELGAR, E. WHERE CORALS LIE Song from SEA-PICTURES No.1 in D, and B minor. A Cycle of Five Songs for Contralto Op.37 No.4. The words by Richard Garnett. Boosey (1899) Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £4.00
2230 ELGAR, E. A SONG OF AUTUMN. Arr. Leslie Woodgate. Words by Adam Lindsay Gordon. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1943). The Mortimer Series of Modern Part Songs No. 130 pp7. Also available the arrangement for Female Voices S.S.C. pp6 @ £3.00 Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £3.00
1357 ELGAR, E. THE KINGDOM Op.51 an oratorio for soprano, alto, tenor & bass soli, SATB & orchestra. Novello (c 1906/1934) pp189, paper wraps (college stamps) VG x 3 @ £8.00 each Vocal//Choral//Sacred £8.00
3154 ELGAR, E. THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS Op.38 an oratorio for mezzo-soprano, tenor & bass solists, chorus & orchestra. Text from The Dream of Gerontius by John Henry Newman. Vocal Score. Edited by Hywel Davies and Bruce Wood. The New Novello Choral Edition (2002) p189, paper wraps Vocal//Choral//Sacred £10.00
404 ELGAR, E. THE KINGDOM. Novello's octavo ed. pp189 Vocal//Choral//Sacred £10.00
1356 ELGAR, E. THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS an oratorio for mezzo-soprano, tenor & bass soli, chorus & orchestra. Novello (c 1900) p177, paper wraps (college stamps)
(a) x 3 VG copies @ £6.00 each
(b) x 2 copies with worn paper wraps @ £3.00 each
Vocal//Choral//Sacred £6.00
54 ELGAR, Edward AN APPRECIATIVE STUDY by John F. Porte. Bookplate. Pitman (1933) Books//Books £15.00
2557 ELGAR, Edward ELGAR by Simon Mundy. The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers. Revised Edition. Omnibus (1980/2001) pp224 laminated wraps NEW Books//Books £12.95
3034 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR (Liebesgruss) Op.12. orch. par Alfred Kaiser. Piano-Conductor; Flauto I; Flauto II; Oboe I; Oboe II; Clarinetto I in A; Clarinetto II in A; Fagotto I; Fagotto II; Corno I in F; Corno II in F; Corno III in F; Corno IV in F; Tromba I in F; Tromba II in F; Trombone III; Timpani; Violino I ...
Orchestral//Light £20.00
323 ELGAR, Edward 272. ELGAR, Edward. POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE. Military Marches (a) No.1 in D. Op.39. (Arranged by Adolf Schmid) Boosey & Co. (1902/1930) (see ORCHESTRAL PARTS) (b) No. 4 in G. Op.39 (Arr. by Adolf Schmid). Boosey (1907/1930) (inner cover faded)
£2.00 each
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
289 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR Op.12 Schott (c) 1899/1901 (green cover) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
288 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR Op.12 Schott (c) 1899/1901 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1717 ELGAR, Edward SONG OF LIBERTY (POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE MARCH No.4). Song in E-flat. Words by A.P.Herbert. Boosey (1940) pp7 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
715 ELGAR, Edward THE SNOW Op.26, No.1. Three-part song for female voices (1st/2nd soprano & contralto) with accompaniments for two violins and pianoforte. The Words written by C.Alice Elgar. Novello (1895) Trios 306 pp12 (19 fair copies available) Vocal//Choir//Female Voice Choir £1.00
697 ELGAR, Edward AS TORRENTS IN SUMMER. Novello (1896) Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £1.00
721 ELGAR, Edward AS TORRENTS IN SUMMER. Novello (1934) Vocal//Choir//Male Voice Choir £1.00
726 ELGAR, Edward SAILING WESTWARD. Ashdown (1948) Vocal//Choir//Unison Solo Songs £1.00
606 ELGAR, Edward. POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE. Military Marches. March No.1 in D Op.39.A. Arrangement by Adolf Schmid. Boosey and Hawkes (1902).
Parts: Piano Conductor x 2/ 1st Violin/2nd Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass/Flute/Piccolo & 2nd Flute/Oboes/1st Clarinet in A/2nd Clarinet in A/Bassoons/Eb Alto Saxophone/Bb Tenor Saxop ...
Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £20.00
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