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1861 BENNETT, William Sterndale and PIERSON, Henry Hugo ROMANTIC SONGS :
Henry Hugo Pierson : John Anderson, my jo (Robert Burns); Fear no more the heat of the sun; The white owl (Lord Tennyson)
William Sterndale Bennett : Gentle Zephyr; To Chloe in Sickness (Burns); Indian love (Barry Cornwall); The past; (Percy Bysshe Shelly). With notes on the com ...
Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £5.00
2127 CAREY, Henry FLOCKS ARE SPORTING arr. Brian Trant. Novello Trios 602 Trios and Quartets for Female or Boys' Voices (1952) pp4 x 5 copies @ £1.00 each Vocal//Choir//Female Voice Choir £1.00
1818 COWARD, Henry THE ANGEL'S WHISPER. Words by S.Lover. Curwen 60476 pp8 (rust marks to margins) Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £4.00
1973 FARMER, Henry. HENRY FARMER'S NEW VIOLIN SCHOOL wherein the art of Bowing & Fingering that Instrument is explained in A SERIES OF EXERCISES AND SCALES Progressively Arranged in which is added A SELECTION OF FAVOUIRE AIRS. The whole Adapted & Composed by Henry Farmer. Williams pp40. The Original Edition Specially R ...
Instrument//Tutors £5.00
1288 GEEHL, Henry LA VALSE ROMANTIQUE. Swan & Co. (1918) pp5 (colour illustration by Cress Woollett) Illustrated Music Covers £10.00
2143 GEEHL, Henry WATCHING THE WHEAT. Old Welsh Melody. Enoch Choral Series No 295, Ashdown (1953) pp8 x 27 copies available @ £2.00 each Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £2.00
704 GEEHL, Henry (Arr.) DING DONG MERRILY ON HIGH. Ashdown (1958) Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £1.00
703 GEEHL, Henry (Arr.) (a) ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. Ashdown (1958) Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £1.00
864 GEEHL, Henry (Ed.) BLACK EYES (Russian Gipsy Song). Ashdown (1943) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
610 HENRY VIII. Three Dances by Edward German. Composed for the Production of the Play at the Lyceum Theatre, January, 1892. Band Parts: Piano (Arranged for the Pianoforte by The Composer). 1. Violino Primo. 1. Violino Secondo 1. Viola. 1. Cello & Bass. Novello (1892) Orchestral//Incidental Music £25.00
756 HENRY WOOD PROMENADE CONCERTS Fifty-Third Season 1947. BBC Programmes//Opera & Orchestral £5.00
2012 LESLIE, Henry HOW SWEET THE MOONLIGHT SLEEPS. A Four-Part Song. Words by Shakespeare. Novello's Part-Song Book No.77 pp95-98 Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £1.00
2013 LESLIE, Henry LULLABY OF LIFE. Words by Rev. S.J.Stone. Novello's Part-Song Book No.881 pp7 (worn) Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £1.00
2479 LIND, Gustave (arr. Henry E. Geehl) THE SILENT MERE : Violin I; Violin II; Viola; Violoncello; Contrbasso; Flutes; Clarinets in B-flat; Cornets I & II in B-flat; Piano Conductor pp7. Augener (1912/1913) Orchestral//Light £10.00
2536 PRUNIERES, Henry A NEW HISTORY OF MUSIC The Middle Ages to Mozart. With an Introduction by Romain Rolland. Translated from the French by Edward Lockspeiser. Macmillan, New York (1943) pp413 Books//Books £15.00
306 PURCELL, Henry SICILIANO and HORNPIPE. Arranged by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat. Cramer (c) 1928 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
447 PURCELL, Henry REJOICE IN THE LORD (Ed. Edward J.Dent). Novello pp12 (c)1957 Songs//Sacred £3.00
706 PURCELL, Henry SHEPHERD, SHEPHERD, LEAVE YOUR LABOURS. Duet for two sopranos. Novello (1911) Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £1.00
707 PURCELL, Henry SOUND THE TRUMPET for voices in two parts. Novello (1931) Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £1.00
735 PURCELL, Henry HARK! THE ECHOING AIR. Novello The School Music Review Vocal//Choir//Unison Solo Songs £1.00
2841 RICHARDSON, Clive (Orch. Henry Geehl) VALSE BIJOU (Orch. Henry Geehl). 1st Violins ; Cello; Piano-Conductor. Lawrence Wright (1946) Orchestral//Light £5.00
141 RICHARDSON, Henry Handel THE YOUNG COSIMA A novel. Heinemann (1939 Feb reprint) Books//Books £10.00
2368 STAFFORD, Henry THREE LITTLE ARABIAN SONGS. Words by Percy Edgar (Orch. By Jullien H.Wilson) : 1st Violin (Leader) x 2; 2nd Violin; Cello x 2; Basso; Flute; Clarinets in A; Cornets in A; Organ; Tympani in G & B; Piano x 2 pp10. Sharples (1920) Orchestral//Songs £8.00
1536 STAFFORD, Henry (a) THREE LITTLE ARABIAN SONGS (A Song Cycle). Lyrics by Percy Edgar : The Desert Well, Zuleika, If Allah Wills. Sharples (1919) pp15 @ £5.00

(b) FOUR LITTLE JAPANESE SONG PICTURES (A Song Cycle). Lyrics by Percy Edgar : Wind Bells, Kara, Moon Flower, Thy Spirit Passing By Me. Sharples (1919) pp18 @ £5.00
Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £5.00
190 WOOD, Henry J. MY LIFE OF MUSIC. With an Introduction by Sir Hugh Allen. Gollancz (1946 cheap edition) pp384 Books//Books £5.00
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