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3197 LEONCAVALLO, R. PAGLIACCI (Fantasie aus Der Bajazzo - Pagliacci) from the Opera arr. Joh. Doebber. Piano Conductor pp14. Flauto I, Flauto II e Piccolo, Oboe I, Oboe II, Clarinetto I in B-flat, Clarinetto II in B-flat, Fagotto I, Fagotto II, Corni I & II in F, Corni II & IV in F, Trombi in B, Tromboni I & II, Trombo ...
Orchestral//Opera Selections £20.00
2480 LEONCAVALLO, R. BARCAROLA VENEZIANA (orch. By Wilfred Hickling) : 1st Violin x 3; 2nd Violin; Viola; Violoncello x 2; Bass x 2; Flute x 2; Oboe; Clarinets in A; Bassoons; Horns in F; Cornets in A; Trombone; Drums etc. x 2; Organ or Harmonium; Piano Conductor pp5 x 2. Cramer (1927) Orchestral//Salon £10.00
2481 LEONCAVALLO, R. SERENADE (arr. For Orchestra by Jac. H. Jacobs) : 1st Violin (Conductor) x 2; 2nd Violin; Violoncello; Basso; 1st Clarinet in A; 1st Cornet in A; Piano (transcription by A. Ruthardt) pp5 (very worn). Cary Orchestral//Salon £3.00
331 LEONCAVALLO, R. Selection from PAGLIACCI arr. C.Godfrey. Ascherberg (1909) pp16 Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
2628 LEONCAVALLO, R. PAGLIACCI (Punchinello). Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew ppp206 (copyright 1893) (paper wraps held on with sellotape) (in English and Italian) (with dedication from Arthur Wallington Carl Rosa Opera 1950) Vocal//Opera//Scores £7.00
744 LEONCAVALLO, R. ARIOSO (CANIO) On With The Motley from PAGLIACCI. No.1 in D Minor. Eng. words F.E.Weatherly. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1894) ill. cover pp5 Vocal//Opera//Solo Songs £10.00
2824 LEONCAVALLO, R. (arr. Charles Woodhouse) MELODIES FROM PAGLIACCI. 1st Violin x 4; 2nd Violin x 6; Viola x 4; Cello x 4; Bass x 2; Flute x 2; Oboe x 2; 1st Clarinet in B-flat x 2; 2nd Clarinet in B-flat; Bassoon; 1st Trumpet in B-flat x 2; 2nd Trumpet in B-flat; Trombone x 2; Piano-Conductor pp4. Hawkes School Series No.45 (1935) Orchestral//Opera Selections £15.00
1706 LEONCAVALLO, Ruggiero YEARNING FOR YOU! (Lasciati Amar) arr. Geo. L. Zalva. Piano Conductor; 1st Violins x 2; 2nd Violins; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute; Oboe; 1st B-flat Clarinet; 2nd B-flat Clarinet; 1st B-flat Trumpet; 2nd B-flat Trumpet; 1st Trombone; 2nd Trombone; Percussion, Timp. The Athen'um Music Publishing Co. (1946) Orchestral//Songs £15.00
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