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2694 ENGELMANN, H MELODIE D'AMOUR for the Piano. Arthur (undated) pp6 (with Violin Obligato ad. lib.) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
607 FRIEDEMANN, C. SLAVONIC RHAPSODY Op.114. Piano Conductor/ 1st Violin/ 2nd Violin/ Viola/ Violoncello/ Basso/ Flute & Piccolo/ 1st Bb Clarinet/ 1st Cornet Bb/ Bass Trombone/ Side Drum, Bass Drum, & Cymbals. Hawkes (1910) (see: Illustrated covers - piano (1904)) Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £10.00
779 FRIEDEMANN, Carl SLAVISCHE RHAPSODIE Op.114. Wernthal (c) 1904 sepia pictorial vignette. Harris (c.1931) (see: orchestral parts - classical individual pieces) Illustrated Music Covers £8.00
858 FRIEDMANN, Carl SLAVISCHE RHAPSODIE. Harris (1904/1931). Pictorial cover Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £1.00
1289 HEMANN, Carl BRITISH INFANTRY March Galop Militaire. Beal , Stuttard & Co. (1911) pp9 Illustrated Music Covers £15.00
3001 HEMANN, Carl THE BRITISH CAVALRY Grand March-Galop de Concert for Pianoforte Solo. Beal, Stuttard & Co. pp9 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
870 HEMANN, Carl GLISTENING RAINDROPS Valsette Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. (1911) Pictorial cover by Fred Low pp2-7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
871 HEMANN, Carl SPRING DAY (A Merry Dance) Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd. (1921) Cover stained pp2-8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £2.00
872 HEMANN, Carl MERRY MAY-TIME Beal, Stuttard & Co. (1908). Copy c. 1924 Coloured decorative cover pp2-8 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1623 HEMANN, Carl THE INDIAN HUNTER Characteristic Rondo in F Major for Piano. Banks (1909) pp7 (coloured cover) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
1111 HILLIARD, Bob & MANN, Dave EARIE. Campbell Connelly (1950) Photo of The Five Smith Bros. Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1255 HOFFMAN, Al and MANNING, Dick MOON-TALK (featuring b&w photo. of Perry Como on cover). Leeds Music (1958) Popular Music//1950's £5.00
874 HOLZMANN, A. THE GREAT AMERICAN MARCH `BLAZE AWAY'. Feldman (c)1901 (1921). Coloured cover. Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £3.00
1047 HOLZMANN, Abe BLAZE AWAY Vocal March. Song Version by Jimmy Kennedy. Feldman (c) 1901 (1931) (coloured cover) Popular Music//1930's £3.00
2475 LOHR, Hermann VAGABONDS ALL : 1st Violin x 2; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in B-flat; Trumpets in B-flat; Trombone; Timpani & Drums etc.; Piano Conductor pp4. Chappell (1938) Orchestral//Light £8.00
2476 LOHR, Hermann ANY PLACE IS HEAVEN IF YOU RE NEAR ME Song : 1st Violin (Conductor) x 4; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello x 2; Bass x 2; Flute; Oboe; Clarinets in A; Bassoon; Horns in F; Cornets in A; Trombone; Timpani in D & A; Organ x 2; Piano Accompaniment pp4 x 2. Chappell (1916). Chappell's Orchestral Journal No. 746 Orchestral//Songs £8.00
2477 LOHR, Hermann LITTLE GREY HOME IN THE WEST (Cornet Solo) & THERE'S A HILL BY THE SEA (Cornet Solo) (Orchestra by H.M.Higgs) : 1st Violin (Conductor) x 2; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello x 2; Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in B-flat; Bassoon; Solo Cornet in B-flat; 2nd Cornet in B-flat; Bass Trombone; Timpani in A-flat ...
Orchestral//Songs £10.00
1052 MANN, Paul & WEISS, Stephan (Music). THEY SAY. Words Edward Heyman. Feldman (1938) cover torn, worn Popular Music//1930's £1.00
121 NAUMANN, Emil (trans. Pr'ger) THE HISTORY OF MUSIC Vol. II. Cassell (undated, poss. mid-Victorian) pp537 a.e.g. decorated blue bevilled boards. Fine
5 Vol. Set @ £60.00
Books//Books £15.00
2467 NEUMANN, R. CHINESE PATROL Op.2 : Violino I x 2; Violino obligato; Violoncello; Basso; Flaurto I; Clarinette I in A; Tromba I in A; Trombone basso; Tambouri; Tambourin & Triangle; Harmonium; Piano pp5 (very worn). Benjamin, Hamburg (1902) Orchestral//Marches £5.00
2054 REIMANN, Heinrich DAS DEUTSCHE GEISTLICHE LIED von der altesten bis auf unsere Zeit. Nach den Quellen. Simrock, Berlin Nos.51-79 pp47 (c.1912) Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £4.00
150 SCHUMANN by Joan Chissell. The Master Musicians. Dent p/b (1979) Books//Books £5.00
176 SCHUMANN By Tim Dowley (1984) THE ILLUSTRATED LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Softback. Omnibus Press NEW Books//Books £6.00
2972 SCHUMANN SYMPHONY No.2. Edition Eulenburg No. 421 pp196. College stamps Orchestral//Miniature Scores £4.00
2973 SCHUMANN SYMPHONY No.1. Edition Eulenburg No. 417 pp158. College stamps Orchestral//Miniature Scores £4.00
3020 SCHUMANN, R. PIANO CONCERTO in A minor Op.54. FS pp94 and Parts: Fl. 1; Fl. 2; Ob. 1; Ob. 2; Cl. 1 in A and B; Cl. 2 in A and B; Bsn. 1; Bsn. 2; Hn. 1 in C etc.; Hn. 2 in C etc.; Tpt. in C etc.; Tpt. in C etc.; Timpani; Violine I x 5; Violine II x 4 ; Viola x 3; Violoncello x 2; Contrabasso x 2. Kalmus Orchest ...
Orchestral//Full Score £107.10
609 SCHUMANN, R. TRAUMEREI arr. J.Urich. Strings,Clarinets and Horns. Piano Accompaniment/ 1st Violin/ 2nd Violin/ Viola/ Cello & Bass x 2/ Bb Clarinet or Horn in F. Lafleur Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £4.00
1258 SCHUMANN, R. ETUDES SYMPHONIQUES Op.13. Revised, phrased and fingered by O.Thumer. Augener's Edition No. 8430 (no date) pp47 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £7.00
1508 SCHUMANN, R. DICHTERLIEBE Song Cycle. German Words by Heinrich Heine. English Adaptations by R.H.Elkin. The Elkin Edition (1912) pp47 Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £10.00
2319 SCHUMANN, R. FRAUENLIEBE UND LEBEN A Cycle of Eight Songs for Voice and Piano (HIGH) Op.42. International Music Company No.2130, USA (1954) pp27 Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £5.00
1413 SCHUMANN, Robert THREE FUGHETTAS Op. 126 Arranged for Organ by BRYAN HESFORD. Cramer (1982) pp8 Instrument//Organ £4.00
1657 SCHUMANN, Robert FOUR SKETCHES Op. 58. ORGAN. Augener's Edition No. 6768 (1925). Originally written for Pedal Piano. Transcribed for Organ by W.A. Wightman. Edited by Henry G. Ley pp17 Instrument//Organ £5.00
1621 SCHUMANN, Robert SCHUMANN ALBUM of CHILDREN'S PIECES for Piano. Withcolour illustrations by H. Willebeek Le Mair. Augener pp28 (n/d) Piano//Classical//Albums £20.00
263 SCHUMANN, Robert ALBUM FOR THE YOUNG Op.68. Album fur die Jugend. Edited and annotated by Howard Ferguson. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (1980) (See also Children's Music) Piano//Classical//Albums £2.00
2364 STRAUSS, J. senior with Waldteufel/Lehmann RADETZKY MARCH with Waldteufel FRUHLINGSKINDER Op.48 and Lehmann GOLDLOCKCHEN Op.4 : Violino I; Violino II; Viola; Violoncello; Basso; Flauto; Clarinetto in A; Tromba I in A; Tromba II in B; Posaune; Drums (manuscript).Litolff Orchestral//Marches £8.00
314 TELEMANN BOURREE Arranged by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat. Cramer (1937) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
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