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1433 BARING GOULD, S and SHARP, Cecil L. ENGLISH FOLK-SONGS FOR SCHOOLS c.1956. Vocal Edition, Both Notations. Curwen Edition 6051 (20 available) Songbooks £6.00
3180 DRING, Madeleine FIVE BETJEMAN SONGS. Poems by John Betjemin. Josef Weinberger (1980) pp20 Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £3.00
1093 PICKERING, E.M. and TURNER, John (Words & Music) HE STOLE MY HEART AWAY Paxton (1942) Photo of Beryl Davis Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1275 RING, Montague T'CHAKA African Suite. Bosworth (1927) pp10 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
2834 RING, Montague (Orch. H.M. Higgs) THREE AFRICAN DANCES (Orch. H.M. Higgs) : I. Call to the Feast II. Luleta's Dance III. Dance of the Warriors. 1st Violin (Conductor) x 5; Viola; Cello x 4; Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in B-flat; Cornets in B-flat x 2; Bass Trombone; Timpani & Drums etc.; Xylophone or Gigelira; Harp; Piano A ...
Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £15.00
2115 RINGWALD, Roy (arr.) & LUBOFF, N. (arr.) DEEP RIVER Negro Spiritual. (a) Shawnee Press A.90 (1948). Waring Choral Series pp5 x 2 copies @ £2.00 each. (b) another arrangement by Norman Luboff. Watton (1962) pp3-6 x 3 copies @ £2.00 each.(c) Third option for Women's Voices arr. N.Clifford Page. Harmonization by H.T.Burleigh. Ricordi (1917) ...
Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £2.00
537 SIMPLE STRING PIECES by Margaret Sutherland and Esther Rofe. A set of 12 short string quartets for early grade class work. 2nd violin and cello parts only + score. J.Albert Edition (Australia) No.70 (1969) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
2349 THOMAS, Goring A. NADESHDA (1885) Selection (arr. Sydney Baynes) : 1st Violin; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Basso; Flutes & Piccolo; Clarinets in B-flat; Trumpets in B-flat; 3rd Trombone; Drums, Timpani & c.; Piano-Conductor pp12. Boosey's Orchestral Journal No. 264 (1925) Orchestral//Opera Selections £10.00
Search on :COMPOSER='RING'
8 records found.