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149 SCHUBERT by George R. Marek, Hale (1986) pp254 Books//Books £15.00
148 SCHUBERT by Edmondstoune Duncan. The Master Musicians. Dent (1934) Books//Books £8.00
3038 SCHUBERT The New Grove SCHUBERT by Maurice J.E. Brown. Work-List by Eric Sams. Macmillan Papermac (1988 reprint) pp186 ISBN 0 333 34195 3 (one neat college stamp) Books//Books £5.00
2971 SCHUBERT QUINTET Op. 163, D.956. Eulenburg No. 15 pp78. Revised by Max Hochkofler. College stamps Orchestral//Miniature Scores £4.00
3089 SCHUBERT SCHUBERT SYMPHONIES Vol.I Nos. 1-5. Edition Eulenburg. Orange cloth, with rexine quarter binding on spin with gilt lettering. Ribbon, marble endpapers. Ex-Coll. stamps, but ow VG Orchestral//Miniature Scores £25.00
1636 SCHUBERT FIRST YEAR SCHUBERT : 18 Compositions ed. E. Markham Lee. Lengwick (1927/8) pp30 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
2607 SCHUBERT SCHUBERT'S SONGS. Sixty Songs with German and English Words (the latter by Maria X. Hayes). Edited by J.A. Kappey. Royal Edition. Boosey & Co. pp256 (central staples rusting) Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £15.00
2615 SCHUBERT THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD. Arranged for mixed voices by Geo. Oakey, Mus. B. Curwen Edition 80267 pp8 x 11 copies available @ £2.00 each Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £2.00
2862 SCHUBERT (arr. R.E. Hildreth) MARCHE MILITAIRE. Op.51, No.1 (arr. R.E. Hildreth). 1st Violin; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute; Oboe; 1st Clarinet in A; 2nd Clarinet in B-flat; Bassoon; Horns in F; Cornets in A; Trombone; C Tenor Saxophone (Substitute for 'Cello); E-flat Alto Saxophone (Substitute for 'Cello)(small note are ...
Orchestral//Marches £8.00
2860 SCHUBERT (arr. von Oscar Fetras) VIER STUCKE FUR STREICHQUINTETT (arr. von Oscar Fetras) for Salon Orchestra : No. 1 WIEGENLIED; No.2 AN DEN MOND, No.3 LITANEY and No.4 ANDANTE aus der Sonate Op.55 by F. Kuhlau. Violino I x 3; Violino obligato; Cello; Basso; Flauto; Oboe obligato; Clarinetto in A and B; Tromba obligato in A & B; Tr ...
Orchestral//Songs £10.00
3039 SCHUBERT, F FOUR SYMPHONIES IN FULL SCORE Symphony No.4 ("Tragic") in C Minor; Symphony No.5 in B-flat Major; Symphony No.8 ("Unfinished") in B Minor; Symphony No.9 ("Great") in C Major. From the Breitkopf & Hartel Complete Works Edition. Edited by Johannes Brahms. Dover pp262 (one neat college stamp) Orchestral//Full Score £12.00
660 SCHUBERT, F Symphony No.8 in B minor `Unfinished'. Biographical note by Eric Blom & Introduction by Gordon Jacob. Penguin Scores 6 (1950) pp70 Orchestral//Miniature Scores £3.00
2375 SCHUBERT, F LES ASTRES and CHANSON DE NUIT DU VOYAGEUR Celebre Melodie (Arr. Francis Salabert) : 1st Violins x 2; 2nd Violins; Altos; Contrebasses; Flute; Hautbois; Clarinette in B-flat; Piano Conducteur. Salabert, Paris Orchestral//Songs £5.00
2376 SCHUBERT, F ZWEI LIEDER : Am Meer & Fruhlingsglaube Op.20 No.2 : Violine I (Direction) x 2; Violine obligat; Violoncello; Bass; Flote I; Oboe obligat.; Klarinette I in A; Tromba obligat. In A; Posaune III; Schlagwerk; Harmonium; Piano pp4. Benjamin, Hamburg. Lyrone No. 1848 Orchestral//Songs £6.00
2098 SCHUBERT, F THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD Chorus for Female Voices : S.S.A.A.. Novello's Octavo Anthems No. 67 pp11 x 2 copies @ £2.00 each. Also available: arranged as a two-part song. Novello's Octavo Edition of two-part songs for female voices. T.P.S.244 pp7 x 2 copies available :@ £2.00 each Vocal//Choir//Female Voice Choir £2.00
2864 SCHUBERT, F (arr. Von L. Weninger) ANDANTE aus dem Octett Op. 166 (arr. Von L. Weninger). Violino I (Direction) x 2; Violino obligat.; Violoncello; Bass: Flote; Oboe; Klarinette I in B; Tromba obligat in B; Posaune; Timpani; Harmonium; Piano pp7. Benjamin Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £12.00
550 SCHUBERT, F. SYMPHONY IN B MINOR (UNFINISHED). Arr. by W.H.Myddleton. piano and 1st violin. Lafleur. (1917) Instrument//1st Violin & Piano Accomp £4.00
633 SCHUBERT, F. LILAC TIME arr. G.H.Clutsam. Orchestra H.M.Higgs: Piano Accompaniment/ 1st Violin (Conductor) x 2/ 2nd Violin/ Viola/ Cello/ Bass/ Flutes/ Clarinets in A/ Trumpets or Cornets in Bb/ Bass Trombone/ Drums Chappell (1923) Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £10.00
602 SCHUBERT, F. SYMPHONIE Nr.8 in B minor. Arr. Gorter Piano - Conductor (frail)/ Violino I Conductor x 5 & Violine I (Breitkopf & Hartel)/ Violino II x 3/ Viola/ Violoncello x 2 (one part Lafleur)/ Contrabasso/ Flauto/ Oboe/ Clarinetto in A/ Fagotto/ Horn in F/ Tromba/ Trombone/ Timpani. Schott Domesticum (1919) Orchestral//Symphonies £15.00
603 SCHUBERT, F. SYMPHONIE No.8. Arr. Hohenstein. Klavier/ Violine I (Direktion) x 2/ Violine obligat/ Violoncello/ Bass/ Flote I/ Clarinette I in A/ Posaune III/ Trompete obligat in A/ Timpani/ Harmonium. Benjamin Orchestral//Symphonies £15.00
1449 SCHUBERT, F. SELECTED COMPOSITIONS OF MODERATE DIFFICULTY. Ashdown (1972) pp39 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
262 SCHUBERT, F. PIANO SONATAS: No.V in A min. Op.143. Revised, phrased and fingered by Franklin Taylor. Augener c.1912 pp22 Piano//Classical//Albums £4.00
New Instructive Edition by Theodor Wiehmayer. Verlag (c) 1913
Piano//Classical//Albums £6.00
1455 SCHUBERT, F. IMPROMPTUS Op.90 ed. Frank Merrick. Associated Board pp46 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1236 SCHUBERT, F. LILAC TIME Arranged by G.H.Clutsam
(a) First Selection for Piano. Chappell (1922) pp15 £5.00
(b) Six Easy Pieces for Piano arr. G.H.Clutsam. Chappell (1926) pp11 £4.00
Popular Music//1920's £5.00
1509 SCHUBERT, F. DIE JUNGE NONNE (Craigher) (The Young Nun) English version by Richard Capell. Op.43, No.1 A to E-flat. Augener (1948) pp5 Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £4.00
736 SCHUBERT, F. CRADLE SONG Op.98 No.2. Novello Vocal//Choir//Unison Solo Songs £1.00
2289 SCHUBERT, F. THE CONSPIRATORS One Act Opera. Words and Text by J.F.Castelli. English Translation and Adaptation by George Barker and Humphry Trevelyan. Chappell (1956) pp116 (with dialogue) Vocal//Opera//Scores £12.00
1185 SCHUBERT, Franz SERENADE Standchen arr. by Aubrey Winter. Piano-Conductor x 2 ; 1st Violin x 5 ; 2nd Violin x 4 ; Viola x 2 ; Cello & Bass x 4 ; Flutes ; Oboes ; 1st Clarinet in B-flat ; 2nd Clarinet in B-flat ; Bassoons ; Solo Cornet in B-flat ; E-flat Alto Saxophone (ad. Lib:) ; B-flat Tenor Saxophone (ad. l ...
Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £20.00
590 SCHUBERT, Franz. ROSAMUNDE. Op.26. Arr. von A. Schreiner. Piano - Direction/ Violino I x 2/ Violino obligato/ Violoncello/ Basso/ Flauto I/ Clarinetto I in B/ Tromba (Piston) obligato/ Trombone III/ Timpani inC. G./ Harmonium. Benjamin Orchestral//Overtures £20.00
2767 SCHUBERT-LISZT HARK! HARK! THE LARK. Arranged for TWO PIANOS by Elsie Horne. Murdoch (1933) pp8 (only one Piano part available) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
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