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2909 FRENCH, W.P. (Arr. by Debroy Somers) PHIL THE FLUTER'S BALL Fox-Trot. 1st Violin x 2; Bass; B-flat Clarinet; 1st B-flat Trumpet; 1st E-flat Alto Sax.; B-flat Tenor Sax.; Drums; Piano Conductor pp3. Prowse (1937) Orchestral//Dance £6.00
2790 SOMERS, Debroy (arr.) THE SAVOY IRISH MEDLEY. One-Step. 2nd Violin; Viola; Clarinets in B-flat x 2; Trumpets in B-flat x 2; Trombone; E-flat Alto Saxophone; B-flat Tenor Saxophone; Drums; Banjo. Lawrence Wright (1924) Orchestral//Dance £5.00
2789 SOMERS, Debroy (arr.) SAVOY SCOTTISH MEDLEY. ONE-STEP. 2nd Violin x 2; Viola x 2; Cello; Bass x 2; Flute x 2; Clarinets in B-flat x 3; Trumpets in B-flat x 4; Trombone x 2; 1st. E-flat Alto Saxophone; 2nd. E-flat Alto Sax. x 2; B-flat Tenor Saxophone x 2; Banjo x 2; Drums x 2; Piano Conductor. Lawrence Wright (1924) (grubby) Orchestral//Dance £6.00
2369 SOMERS, Debroy (arr.) SAVOY MEDLEY OF MEDLEYS As Broadcast Nightly by The Savoy Orpheans : 1st Violin; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello x 2; Bass; Flute; Horns in F; Trumpets in B-flat; Trombone; 1st E-flat Alto Sax.; 2nd E-flat Alto Sax.; B-flat Tenor Sax; Banjo (Tenor); G Banjo; Drums; Piano Conductor pp7 x 2. Wright (1925) (frail) Orchestral//Light £6.00
2788 SOMERS, Debroy (arr.) BATTLE DRESS. A Regimental March Medley. Violin B; Violin C; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute; 1st Clarinet in B-flat; 1st Trumpet in B-flat; 2nd Trumpet in B-flat; 3rd Trumpet in B-flat; 1st Trombone; 2nd Trombone; Bass Trombone; 1st Saxophone (E-flat Alto)(& Clarinet); 2nd Saxophone (B-flat T ...
Orchestral//Marches £12.00
1274 SOMERS, Debroy (arr.) THE SAVOY MEDLEY OF ONE-STEP MEDLEYS. Played, Recorded, and Broadcast by the Famous Savoy Orpheans Band of the Savoy Hotel, London (b&w photo. on cover). Arranged by Debroy Somers. Lawrence Wright (1925) pp7 Popular Music//1920's £5.00
1686 SOMERS, Debroy arr. LAWRENCE WRIGHT'S FIRST ALBUM OF ORIGINAL SAVOY ORPHEANS MEDLEYS containing MEDLEYS of : ENGLISH; AMERICAN; SCOTTISH, WELSH, IRISH; MEDLEY OF MEDLEYS. Lawrence Wright (1924) pp35 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
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