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1266 AYLWARD, Florence FLOWER SONGS (Medium) : Lilies and Roses; Cowslip Bells; Wood Anemones; Snowdrops. Collard Moutrie (1919) pp15 Songbooks £4.00
512 BLAKE, Howard FANTASY ALLEGRO Trio for pianoforte, violin (flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb) and violoncello (bassoon). Score + violin (or flute or oboe), Bb Clarinet and Cello (or bassoon) Chappell (1961) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
2435 CARR, Howard BAH GOOM ! Yorkshire Patrol : 1st Violin (Leader); 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flutes; Clarinets; Cornets; Bass Trombone & Tuba; Drums; Piano-Conductor pp8. Paxton( 1925) Orchestral//Marches £8.00
2163 CHAPMAN, Edward T. (arr.) SHE'S LIKE THE SWALLOW Newfoundland Folk-song. Collected by Maud Karpeles. OUP W40 (1960) pp7 x 17 copies available @ £2.00 each Vocal//Choir//Female Voice Choir £2.00
1818 COWARD, Henry THE ANGEL'S WHISPER. Words by S.Lover. Curwen 60476 pp8 (rust marks to margins) Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £4.00
1183 COWARD, Noel I'LL FOLLOW MY SECRET HEART from CONVERSATION PIECE. Words and Music by Noel Coward. Chappell (1934) pp7 (cover grubby) Popular Music//1930's £4.00
2739 DANNREUTHER, Edward MUSICAL ORNAMENTATION. Novello and Company. Novello's Music Primers and Educational Series edited by Sir John Stainer and Sir C. Hubert H. Parry. Two Volumes in one. (Third Edition) Part I: From Diruta to J.S. Bach. 210 pages of text and music. Part II: From C. PH. E. Bach to the Present Time. 185 p ...
Books//Books £85.00
41 DENT, Edward J. OPERA Pelican (1945 reissue) Books//Books £5.00
2240 EDWARDS, Richard IN GOING TO MY NAKED BED. Ed. Edmund H. Fellowes. Stainer & Bell (1920) Choral Library No. 164 pp4 x 2 copies available @ £1.50 each Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £1.50
54 ELGAR, Edward AN APPRECIATIVE STUDY by John F. Porte. Bookplate. Pitman (1933) Books//Books £15.00
2557 ELGAR, Edward ELGAR by Simon Mundy. The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers. Revised Edition. Omnibus (1980/2001) pp224 laminated wraps NEW Books//Books £12.95
3034 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR (Liebesgruss) Op.12. orch. par Alfred Kaiser. Piano-Conductor; Flauto I; Flauto II; Oboe I; Oboe II; Clarinetto I in A; Clarinetto II in A; Fagotto I; Fagotto II; Corno I in F; Corno II in F; Corno III in F; Corno IV in F; Tromba I in F; Tromba II in F; Trombone III; Timpani; Violino I ...
Orchestral//Light £20.00
323 ELGAR, Edward 272. ELGAR, Edward. POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE. Military Marches (a) No.1 in D. Op.39. (Arranged by Adolf Schmid) Boosey & Co. (1902/1930) (see ORCHESTRAL PARTS) (b) No. 4 in G. Op.39 (Arr. by Adolf Schmid). Boosey (1907/1930) (inner cover faded)
£2.00 each
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
289 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR Op.12 Schott (c) 1899/1901 (green cover) Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
288 ELGAR, Edward SALUT D'AMOUR Op.12 Schott (c) 1899/1901 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
1717 ELGAR, Edward SONG OF LIBERTY (POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE MARCH No.4). Song in E-flat. Words by A.P.Herbert. Boosey (1940) pp7 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
715 ELGAR, Edward THE SNOW Op.26, No.1. Three-part song for female voices (1st/2nd soprano & contralto) with accompaniments for two violins and pianoforte. The Words written by C.Alice Elgar. Novello (1895) Trios 306 pp12 (19 fair copies available) Vocal//Choir//Female Voice Choir £1.00
697 ELGAR, Edward AS TORRENTS IN SUMMER. Novello (1896) Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £1.00
721 ELGAR, Edward AS TORRENTS IN SUMMER. Novello (1934) Vocal//Choir//Male Voice Choir £1.00
726 ELGAR, Edward SAILING WESTWARD. Ashdown (1948) Vocal//Choir//Unison Solo Songs £1.00
606 ELGAR, Edward. POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE. Military Marches. March No.1 in D Op.39.A. Arrangement by Adolf Schmid. Boosey and Hawkes (1902).
Parts: Piano Conductor x 2/ 1st Violin/2nd Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass/Flute/Piccolo & 2nd Flute/Oboes/1st Clarinet in A/2nd Clarinet in A/Bassoons/Eb Alto Saxophone/Bb Tenor Saxop ...
Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £20.00
1914 FISHER, Howard AN OLD VIOLIN Song. Words by Helen Taylor. No.1 in F (with Violin Obbligato) Boosey (1929/31) pp5 (Featured by Albert Sandler, Olive Groves & Jean Melville) Popular Music//1920's £4.00
1212 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES from HENRY VIII for Violin and PIanoforte. Composed for
the production of the Play at the Lyceum Theatre, Jan. 1892. Arranged
by the Composer. Novello (1893) pp18 (violin part pp7). A little worn
Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £10.00
2705 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES : NELL GWYN - VIOLIN part (to be played with solo piano). Chappell (1900) pp8 Instrument//Violin without Piano accompaniment £5.00
3200 GERMAN, Edward TOM JONES Selection. Pianoforte arrangement pp16 (large format); Flute & Piccolo x 2; Oboe; Clarinets in B-flat and A; Bassoons x 2 (A4 booklets); Horns in F x 2 (A4 booklets); Cornets in B-flat and A x 2; 1st & 2nd Trombones x 2 (A4 booklets); Bass Trombone; Euphonium; Tympani & Drums x 2; 1st Viol ...
Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £30.00
325 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES from HENRY VIII A Merry May. Novello (c) 1892 coloured pictorial cover (see also: operetta/orchestral parts - incidental music) Piano//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Selections £6.00
326 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES FROM NELL GWYN. Arranged for Pianoforte Solo by the composer. Chappell (1900) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
327 GERMAN, Edward THREE DANCES FROM NELL GWYN. Arranged for Pianoforte Solo by the composer. Chappell (1900) (later impression 1920's) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
1241 GERMAN, Edward FOUR DANCES from MERRIE ENGLAND. Pianoforte Solo (arranged by the composer). Chappell (1902) pp15 (A4 photocopied booklet only) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
3068 GOODALL, Howard ETERNAL LIGHT Vocal Score. For Soprano, Tenor and/or Baritone Soloists, Mixed Choir, Keyboard and Strings. Faber Music (2008) pp78 Vocal//Choral//Sacred £6.00
1551 HOWARD, Winifred MY LADY CHARMING Intermezzo. Newman (1918) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
3006 MACDOWELL, Edward SEA PIECES Op.55 Nos. 1-8. Green cloth with arts & crafts cover decoration. Elkin pp38 (1898), good condition Piano//Classical//Albums £25.00
971 MAYSON, Edward ON WITH THE SHOW : PERFUME OF THE PAST (Parfum du Passe) Song ( British
version by Ray Morelle) (+ piano valse version) pp.7. Wright (1922) Music by Edward Mayson.
Popular Music//1920's £4.00
3097 Monckton, Lionel & Talbot, Howard THE ARCADIANS (Selected & Arranged for the Pianoforte by H. M. Higgs). Orchestra by Dan Godfrey. Piano pp15 (A4 stapled booklet); A4 Parts: Flutes & Piccolo; Oboe; Clarinets in A-natural & B-flat; Bassoons; Horns in F; Cornets in A-natural & B-flat; 1st & 2nd Trombones; Bass Trombone; Timpani & Drum ...
Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £25.00
475 MONCKTON, Lionel and TALBOT, Howard THE ARCADIANS : Piano Slection : Selected and Arranged for the Pianoforte by H.M.Higgs. Chappell (1909) : large format pp15 Vocal//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Scores £5.00
1063 QUADLING, Lew; HOWARD, Eddy & JURGENS, Dick. CARELESS. Wood (1939 Popular Music//1930's £2.00
2293 SCKVILLE-WEST, Edward and SHAWE-TAYLOR, Desmond THE RECORD YEAR 2 . A guide to this year's gramophone records including a complete guide to long playing records. With Andrew Porter. Collins (1953) d/w frail, sl. run of top edge colouring (green) ow good copy pp384 Books//Books £10.00
1994 ST. QUENTIN, Edward EMMANUEL Sacred Song in A-flat. Words A. Horspool. Hopwood & Crew pp7 Songs//Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian/WW1 £3.00
2381 ST. QUENTIN, Edward (arr.) NAVYLAND A Grand Programme 'Somewhere at Sea' : 1st Violin; 2nd Volin; Viola; Cello; Basso; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets; Cornets; Bass Trombone; Timpani; Orchestral Copy (Piano) pp14. Asscherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1916) Orchestral//Light £10.00
2283 TALBOT, Howard MY NIECES Selection (arr. Herman Finck) : 1st Violin x 3; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in B-flat; Cornets in B-flat; 3rd Trombone; Tympani C & G, Drums, etc.; Orchestral Copy (Piano). Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1921) Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £15.00
2270 TALBOT, Howard A CHINESE HONEYMOON Selection (arr. Chas. Godfrey) : Violin I (Conductor) x 4; Violin II ; Viola ; Cello & Bass x 2; Flute & Piccolo; Flute II (MSS); Clarinet in B-flat ; Cornet in A; Euphonium; 1st Sax. In E-flat (MSS); 2nd E-flat (MSS); Sax in B-flat (MSS); Percussion ; Piano Conductor. ...
Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £25.00
2269 TALBOT, Howard THE WHITE CHRYSANTHEMUM Selection (Selected & arranged for the Pianoforte by Albert W. Ketelbey. Orchestra by Dan Godfrey) : Violin I (Conductor); Violin II ; Viola ; Cello & Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in A I & II ; Cornets in A I & II; Bass Trombone; Percussion; Piano Selection Chappell (1906) (10 Parts) Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £20.00
3203 TALBOT, Howard & NOVELLO, Ivor WHO'S HOOPER? Selection (Selected & Arr. by Henri Jaxon) : Piano (Orchestral Copy) pp17. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1919) Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £7.00
487 TALBOT, Howard and RUBENS, Paul THE BLUE MOON. Piano Score. Chappell (1905) pp96 bound Vocal//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Scores £20.00
2882 WHITE, Edward THE FAIRY AND THE FIDDLERS. Violin A x 2; Violin B; ViolIn C; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute; 1st Clarinet in B-flat; 1st Trumpet in B-flat; 2nd Trumpet in B-flat; Trombones; Drums, Glockenspiel & Cymbals; Celeste; Piano-Conductor pp7. Boosey & Hawkes (1946) Orchestral//Light £12.00
2883 WHITE, Edward AUTUMN FANTASY. Violins A & B x 2; ViolIn C; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute; 1st Clarinet in B-flat; 1st Trumpet in B-flat; Bass Trombone; 1st Saxophone E-flat Alto; 3rd Saxophone E-flat Alto; 2nd Saxophone B-flat Tenor; Percussion; Piano-Conductor pp5. Boosey & Hawkes (1947) Orchestral//Light £12.00
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46 records found.